akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Sunday 16 September 2007

polygon xtrada

This is my mtb.
An imported 24-speed Polygon Xtrada. It's imported from Indonesia, that is. Bought it secondhand from a friend's friend for a few hundred. Would cost me RM900+ brand new. For now, I'm not ready to fork out that kind of money. Well, I don't have that much, anyway... :)

So far, it's been a good purchase. Although there's a little annoying sound coming from the crankset. I suspect that the crank is a bit hammered. Anyway, for the sum I paid, there's nothing much to complain, really.

Well, here's the spec:
Frame: Aluminium 6061
Fork: Polygon
Handlebar & Stem: Polygon
Headset: Ritchey
Grips: Tioga (upgrade)
Saddle: Selle Royal Energy
Seatpost: Polygon Alloy
Drivetrain: SR Suntour Crank, Shimano C050 FD, Altus RD
Controls: Shimano Brake + Shifter combo
Brakes: Front - Tektro IO Mech Disc, Rear - Tektro V-Brake
Wheelset: Araya rims, Shimano hubs, Kenda Kwick 26/1.95 tires


Afrezal Karim said...

wahh next project..:). How much you got for it..?. My next project nak cari frame roadbike.. cari murah2 nak ride to office pakai roadbike pulak.. :).Happy riding bro.. take care

akmalhizam said...

actually already sold.
got it at about 500 from a friend's friend who got caught with upgraditis.
and, when my short stint in kl about to end, i sold it in jan 08 (or was it dec 07). shortly after, hunted a t-bolt for myself to ride in johor.
caught the fever big time since then...

ahaa... roadbike. different species, and mighty interesting venture you're getting into. must be a breeze tackling those hills en route to office after this.
have fun building it, bro!

bebe said...

ASAIK, the fork actually is a Zoom (for older Xtrada model) or SR Suntour XCT (on newer model)

Unknown said...

Hi bro, got myself this xtrada (red black color) at past august 2008, yes the fork already suntour XCT V2 with a hard or soft option setting...but most of all Im happy to know someone at malaysia that have the same xtrada :)...wass.wr.wb

- iif -

akmalhizam said...

bebe: Perhaps it's a Zoom fork. Typical for entry level mtb.

iif: How much longer until you upgrade?
XCT V2 is a nice touch, with the preload (left stanchion) and also lockout (right stanchion).
To think of it, Xtrada is a good beginner mtb bike. If you wish to ride on road only, use the stock semislick tires, and get v-brakes for the front. 8 speed is sufficient enough.
If you wish to ride offroad, well, you would already know the limitations of Xtrada and caught with upgraditis - need to get a better bike.
Happy biking!