akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sunday Ride with Naza

It has been a few Sundays since my last offroad ride with the guys in Pasir Gudang.
Albeit, I clocked about 150 kms on road riding to and back from work.
Not bad at all, but on Tuesdays usually I'll get the urge and longing for an offroad ride.

Last Sunday my neighbourhood organized a gotong-royong, so I cancelled my offroad ride with Panjang to revisit the 2007 hash route.
Turned out that it was only sendiri-sendiri gotong-royong, and Southern Waste Management would only come in the evening to pick up the trash.

Anyway, early morning that day Naza and I did go out for a short ride to Tasik Seri Alam. We checked out the newly re-opened Cactus Inn - basically to see the horse ranch over there and see what they offer.

The road leading to it is a long hill. Naza pedaled to the top quitely and gracefully, she appeared almost relaxed and like riding on flats. Finally when she got to the top, she uttered
"Terer I kayuh naik bukit tau. Sekarang dah tak penat dah macam dulu"
A milestone for her.

So guys, if you're panting riding up to the 'kandang kuda', my missus could easily beat you to it.
How's that for a motivation?

We went in to Cactus Inn and looked around. After a few photos, we went home with 10 kilometers journeyed on our bikes.

essentials - helmet, and mirror

bikes ready for the ride, with Depp the cat

raring to go, after a long hiatus

Naza on the fire road

nice cockpit there!


Cactus Inn reception

rooms available for rent, with swimming and wading pool

café. halal? didn't check

the Indoor Arena

fees schedule for the horse riding lesson , if you're up for it.

horse riding practice

rollin round the roundabout

Seri Alam panorama at the top, view from Cactus Inn

Naza at The Valley Seri Alam, with a sleepy lazy doggy

self portrait


azahaziz said...

cayalah, leh naik kuda kat seri alam. susah2 jer aku g sampai ke bukit tinggi, kl.. just nak experience naik kuda....huh!

Kim Kartikah Lee Ismail ( kentutkecil) said...