akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Things that make my RTW easier

The journey:
Traffic lights.
Safe route (a bit far, but less traffic although there are a few doggies around).
Zikrullah: as a breath pacing tool, too.

The bike - 8 speed, v brakes, low rolling resistance tires. Can get through anything on the road - gravels, small holes).
Lights - headlight & tail light, plus backup light for night riding. Spare batteries too.
Gloves: half finger - easy to handle things - office pass card, keys, zippers, digging nostrils, etc.

Freshen up:
Shower booth in the toilet.
Shampoo & shower gel: courtesy of hotels. Can also get those mini bottles with pump (I saw one at Watson's).
Towel: Speedo super absorbent microfibre sheet. Measures only 15"x27" (38 x 68.5cm) but could dry the whole body.
Deodorant: simple odorless mineral salt - I got mine at Guardian, available from Cosway too.
Attire: non-ironed collared t-shirt, a pair of company standard-issued workpants, a pair of safety boots stored under the desk.
Hair: crew cut - no proper combing necessary :)

Bike storage:
Office pantry. Locked the bike, of course.

On Fridays, I would pool with a friend's car to masjid for solat Jumaat.


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Afrezal Karim said...

hey.. thanx for sharing ur tips.Same here too.. i drive my car on friday.. since its not safe to park at the masjid :).I think i'll rite my RTW gears to the office later.. :)