akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

RTW 04.03.2009 - with Taiwanese-Italian and a pair of Chinese-French

Nearing end of Jan, I started RTW with my Schwinn Mesa. A dedicated RTW machine. No computer installed, hence no stats could be logged for my RTWs. Until today.

I rode my Taiwan born Italian white Bianchi to work this morning. I decided to have her for all my biking activities - on road and offroad. And for that, may I introduce (cue drumroll) my new pair of Chinese-French wheelset: Mavic Cross Ride. A birthday present, from myself.

So, a pair fitted with road tires (Specialized Mt. Baldy 26/1.9 semi-slicks), and another pair with offroad tires (Panaracer FireXC Pro 26/2.1 knobbies). The Cross Rides are intended for offroad usage, but for now I'm using it on road just for the fun of trying new stuff. Anyway, still waiting for the cogset & rotors to arrive to make the other pair complete.

By the way, I am still short of 12 PIECES OF T25 ROTOR BOLTS. If you do have them lying around anywhere, new (preferably) or old, kindly be in contact with me. Need them urgently. Thank you.

Out of the house at 0650 hours (as usual). The bike feels light and agile. I had tremendously high feeling on the road this morning.

Stats today (to):

  • Riding to work, distance covered 12.82 km.
  • Average speed: 21.3 km/h.
  • Max speed: 37.4 km/h.
  • Travel time: 36 min 08 sec.
  • Number of doggies: nil.

By the way, the Schwinn Mesa is up for sale. Anybody interested?

Schwinn Mesa - 8 speed SRAM drivetrain with Azonic 100mm stem and Ritchey Comp Riser handlebar. Johhny the cat not included in package.

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