akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 13 August 2009

PCC Presidential Ride 2009 - 16.08.09

It’s listed in my ride wishlist (see the panel on the right). With Panjang’s help, I registered for the ride along with 20 others from Pasir Gudang.
Look out for a white Bianchi bearing number 61 in Nottingham University Malaysia on 16th August. That’ll be me.
InsyaAllah I’m driving up to Kajang this Saturday with Atuk and ride on Sunday for the eagerly anticipated PCC Presidential Ride 2009. Now contemplating whether to bring a camera or not. This time around, my ride objective is to finish all the 4 checkpoints. Social riding is now only a side agenda. Of course, there’ll be many, many familiar faces amongst the 1000+ riders – riders whom I know, from JB and KL at least.
Fun aside, it’ll be a testing ground, too. I pray that we all could go through it.
See y’all there!

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