akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 18 May 2010

15.05.2010 - Offroad Plentong Night Ride + BBQ

An email from Azam of Cyclemotion came into my inbox last Wed; there’s a night ride being organized, plus barbecue after it.


One not to be missed, for sure. Me, I was not sure whether I could ride, though. It’s been quite some time since I last rode offroad. Also there’s the issue of my left knee and right ankle feeling a bit wobbly from the last 2 weekend’s volleyball games.


Eventually I went to Neo’s place that night, albeit 15 minutes late (gosh, I hate to be late). Well, I was there, with my bike well lubed, nicely set and squeaky clean from the morning’s scrubbing.


We rolled off at 9.07pm from Plentong into the darkness of the palm oil estate. It’s quite interesting how familiar terrain is completely different at night. Well, if your headlamp is bright as day, then you have a big advantage. Somehow, however, the enigmatic feeling is awesome. To some extent, of course. As long as you don’t meet a horrifying accident due to unseen gap or rut or fresh water channel from the day’s heavy rain.


We took multiple rests along the trail. Numerous punctures (different bikes, of course), and a few five minute breathers. One of them was at the Big Valley Ranch, before heading home. Izad and Ramesh ‘escorted’ a few others to get back to Plentong via Seri Alam on tarmac and Jalan Masai Lama – the chicken run. On the way back I felt a bit tired and was actually wondering why I didn’t follow them. Oh yes, ego that is.


We made it back to base, and the time on my cyclocomputer showed 1.00 am. No wonder it’s tiring, it was a 2-day’s ride man!


The smell of barbecued chicken wings greeted the hungry and tired riders at Neo’s. How befitting, the chefs on the grill were the chicken route riders ;)


I reloaded my carbs with fried mihun, some protein from the chicken wings, and some fat from the ‘gearbox’ stew (was it stew? Aahh… bedal aje). Rehydrated with cold orange-syrup drink. Topped it all with some bite size cakes, for extra energy to get back home. Gone were the calories burnt from the 4 hour ride in 20 minutes. Err.. could I say that was a balancing act?


I cycled for a few hundred meters to the house in Plentong and stored my bike there unwashed (bila laa nak basuh tu). Hopped in Reza’s Myvi for a ride back home in his car. Reached home 2.00am and went to bed after a warm shower.


Awesome ride, I must say. Not much singletrack, but I love how different a quite familiar trail is when the sun is at the other side of the earth. Kudos too, for the excellent food spread at the end of the ride. Perhaps this should be a monthly thingy. I strongly would agree to it. Just that I was a bit frustrated with my level of fitness. Won’t be riding this weekend, and the one after that. After that I’ll be riding in FRIM insyaAllah. Can I make it? Hope so. I’ll definitely have to train through RTW. On road with knobbies, for the extra punch (read: lazy to change the wheelsets).


The big question remains… bila nak basuh beskal ni?


Special thanks to Capt Neo and friends at Cyclemotion, the chicken run chefs, Reza and other riders with ultra bright lights.


Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day to you.

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