akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 22 September 2011

daily cycling

my faithful RTW Machine

I remember Panjang asked a group of us a defining question while having teh tarik during a night ride at Ontort's burger stall. It was as an introduction to Nas' touring activities, actually.
Kau kena tahu, dalam berbasikal ni, mana arah kau nak tuju

Well, not really a question per sé, but it got me asking myself. Of course you can take the whole thing literally, but it actually warrants more than that.

What's the direction you're heading, in cycling?
Are you a leisure cyclist, taking it as a hobby?
Would you take it to the next level, as a part of a triathlon that you're going to participate in?
Would you train and eventually be a racer?
Or venture to other types that cycling could offer?

Cycling in its general sense is too broad. There are many types, and there are many disciplines within the particular type, too. Among the major types that we have are Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Touring, Bike Commuting and many others including as a utilitarian vehicle for day-to-day living and transport.

The different types of Road Cycling may include Time Trial, Triathlon, Road Biking; for mountain biking there are Cross Country, Downhill, Trail, Freeride; and et cetera. From all these types, the bikes are of different designs as it fit for their own purposes. Not the least, the set of skills and things associated to the different types of cycling are also different.

If you're the lucky ones who could have more than a few of the types of cycling to venture into, I envy you. I simply don't have the time and $ to invest or dip my foot into the vast array of cycling types and disciplines.

I had to choose. I'm a fan of modular things and do-it-all, so I chose cross country mountain biking. With a hardtail mountain bike frame and decent parts.

Well, at first.

It soon slowly morphed into bike commuting. It happened not entirely by chance, but more of a choice. With a bit of personal circumstances that seems to put everything in place, enabling me to pursue it. Okay, 'enjoy' is the more appropriate word, rather than 'pursue'.

After 3 years since I first started to RTW on a twice monthly special thing, it is now a daily affair. And it is still special. So, perhaps this is my answer to Panjang's thought that night. AT a certain level, it defines me.

Alhamdulillah for this blessing; hope it would continue for the coming years, and getting only better.

For the record, I do enjoy my offroad rides. But with RTW, I could have my daily dose of cycling.

Have a great day, and thanks for coming.
Ride safe.

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