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akmal's bike park

Monday, 21 May 2012

Muc-Off Bicycle Cleaner

caution: this awesome product might turn you into a lazy cyclist
(but you save time and energy for cleaning up your dirty bike so you can ride your heart out)

Admittedly I wanted to have something clever for the title of this entry, but there are too many to choose from. So, I just leave it in the simplest form.

I bought my first bottle of 1L from Angah Bike Shack (ABS) in Pasir Gudang for less than RM40. Roughly 1L of the pink liquid would see you through about 5 to 6 washings. Of course, it depends entirely on how mucky your bike is. Now I'm buying refills of 1L for RM25. RM5 per wash is good, given the amount of energy and time saved.

It is very, very easy to use. This is how I do it:
If the dirt on my bike is already dried up, I'll wet if with water by hosing over.
Then, I'd spray the Muc-Off onto the dirt and leave for 3-5 minutes - letting it work its way to the dirt.
Finally, I spray the water with garden water hose onto the dirty bike. Just a normal jet, no need for a high pressure jet (I don't own one, anyway).
And, the beautiful part is I don't have to use any brush or even need to touch the bike.

I keep my bike in the house, so I have to keep my bike clean after every ride - especially the tires. Cleaning the tires manually by using a scrubber would take me ages, while breaking my back doing the labour. With Muc-Off I'm saving my time and also energy. Full-sussers would appreciate it even better. I find it very helpful in cleaning the suspension link on my Trance because it gets through the tight space. I would usually scrub it by using old toothbrush, but with MO I'm getting lazy now while getting almost the same result if not better. After a tiring ride, especially. Indispensable. Plus, it is earth-friendly so I don't need to worry about damaging my lawn or the drainage.

However, do not be too lazy to clean up your drivetrain. It is NOT a degreaser. You still need to clean your 3C's - chain, crankset and cassette.

The photos in this ALBUM show the steps and before and after shots.
View to appreciate.

Muc-Off Bicycle Cleaner is available in 1L spray bottle, pressure bottle and as a kit.
If you're in JB, Muc-Off is available from these friendly bike shops (as far as I know):

Muc-Off have other products as well.
Read more: www.Muc-Off.com

this entry is written in the light of sharing; no commercial backing whatsoever.
I don't get paid for this.

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