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akmal's bike park

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Tech: SRAM's 11s GX

cheaper 11 speed for your rear
Trickled down from XX1, SRAM bring to us their new GX range in 2015.

Pick your gearing:
1x11 (front: either 30/32/34/36/38T)
2x11 (yes, two! - front: 36-24T)
2x10 (front: 36-22T)
Rear 11s cassette: 10-42T (weights: 325g for XG-1175 or 395g for XG-1150)
Rear 10s cassette: (weights: various for PG-1050, 395g for 11-36T PG-1030)
*as a comparison, XX1's cassette XG-1199 10-42T is 260g

The 1x chainring is using SRAM's X-SYNC design, same as XX1 so no chainguard is needed. And yes, for the 11s cassette due to the 10T, still need to use their XD Drive freewheel body (read: still expensive).

Obviously this is great news for among us who want simplicity while not burning a hole on our pockets (at least not as expensive as XX1).

As MTB gearing is having a plethora of choice spread on the table, you have to know what you NEED rather than what you want. Get a gear calculator and compare the ratios available and decide which combo is the right one for you. Well, part of the burden being in a free market is the consumer has got to know what they need. Hope that you find one that fits nicely with your riding style.

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*photo taken from mtbs.cz

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