akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday, 17 July 2015

Touring: Labis to Seremban - Day 3 (Part 1: Batu Berendam to Pantai Puteri)

22.05.2015, Friday.
The leisurely ride to (impromptu) relax at the beach.

me, Adlee and Latfy
The Friday morning started early, with a breakfast. Abang Bakar drove us to a breakfast joint and we met up with Adlee over there. Adlee is Abang Bakar's son, who is also my schoolmate in Jasin. Latfy knew Adlee too, from our short 6 months together in MLA Cheras when we were 18. As we chatted along we discovered that we were interconnected within a circle of friends and close relatives.

Abang Bakar's little vineyard
After breakfast we went back to Batu Berendam and got ready for the journey of the day. It's our last day and we'll be pedaling back to Seremban. It shall be a pretty interesting ride as we'll be passing by Ramuan China. A route that I have been dreaming of cycling on for so long since I first got along it many years ago by car. From Batu Berendam we'll get to Sungai Udang (route 33), Masjid Tanah and Lubok China (route 5), Linggi (route N7), Rantau (route N5), Senawang and finally my house in Seremban. The total distance is around 86 km (via Google Maps).

one for the road
We had some more catching up with Adlee at Batu Berendam after breakfast, and were ready to roll at just before 10.30 am. By that time the sun has already risen and it was a bit hot. We didn't really mind about it though. The morning thus far has been great.

We went to a Shell petrol station to get drinking water. Shell in particular sells them in a special sized PET bottle with flip top cover and valved spout. Pretty handy and relatively cheap option for a touring water bottle.  I had this in mind when I bought the Topeak adjustable diameter bottle cage in Muar the day before.

The route was quite flat, and we somehow got lost somewhere but quickly navigated towards Tanjung Kling. We passed by a rice field along the way and also a private museum . We took another detour and got ourselves in a very nice neighbourhood located along the seashore.

the rice field en route
we turned right at the T-junction
a nice private museum along our route
quite nice to have the sea breeze right at the back of your house, no?
Eventually we reached Pantai Puteri and Latfy quickly spotted a stall along the road selling coconut water and snacks. It was about noon and I need something to eat as well. Naturally we stopped and ordered for ourselves coconut water, karipap and pisang goreng. We asked the seller if they can set up a table for us. He said yes and even offered us to have it by the beach. We had our table under the casuarinas shade and took our time there at the beach. With more helping of karipap and pisang goreng, of course.
la table pour deux à la plage
Latfy enjoying his coconut water
People were busy getting to the mosque some distance away, but we took our travelers grant and had our nap at the beach. I couldn't really get a decent sleep actually, but I did enjoy the relative tranquility and sea breeze.

A few minutes after the Friday prayers adzan circa 1.30 pm, we went off on our way towards Sungai Udang.


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