akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday, 19 September 2008

Ramadhan Night Ride - around JB from Danga Bay

me, edy, aril

bapok, cai, me

bapok, dafi, isaac, me, nabiel

Event date: 12th September 2008 (Friday)
I got the news of the night ride from the chatbox in BBS a few days before the event.
And found Haji Amir's website, with info of the ride. They had similar ride the Friday before.

After iftar and maghrib I stuffed the bike and riding gears in the car.
Then after isya' and tarawih - 8 only :), i dashed towards Danga Bay.
Reached DB 9.30pm and seems that I'm the last to arrive. Others have arrived much earlier, including Isaac (my office mate) and Dafi.

I unpacked and got my bike ready straightaway. The first to greet me was Haji Amir himself, and then I saw familiar faces - including Wak from Pasir Gudang. Nabiel (got to know him from BBS) was also there, and of course, Aril.

By 10pm everyone was eager to start the ride, after the route briefing from Haji Amir. Ahh, but one rider was still on his way. So we waited and only at 10.30pm we started riding.

Danga Bay > Angsana > Bandar Baru Uda > TWP > Larkin > RTM > Johor Specialist Hospital > Jalan Abdul Samad > Ring Road > Jalan Yahya Awal > Post Office > Pan Pacific > Jalan Trus > Lido > Danga Bay

The ride claimed one casualty - a virgin rider, near TWP. Vomitted after a mild climb. I do hope that it won't deter his riding ambition.
The swooping downhill corners of Jalan Abdul Samad was really enjoyable. I don't have a meter equipped on my Schwinn, so I don't know what's the max speed.

It was quite enjoyable riding around town during night time. Just that there were still many vehicles around. I can't stand the smoke. Some of the guys went to Pan Pacific trying out riding down the stairs, while others waited for them beside the non-operational Waterfront City. I enjoyed the scenery - lights from Singapore just across the causeway.
Very soon after that we were back in DB.

More photos here.

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