akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

bike rack dilemma

on the way to pasir gudang kayuh malam 2 RV point, i was stopped by police at a road block - he saw my bike at the rear of wira sedan that i drove.

the officer asked me what i did wrong. i said i did not do anything wrong.
he gestured to my bike and mentioned that it was wrong to carry it that way.
he pointed out that my rear wheel was protruding more than the width of the car, and the rack elongated the car's overall length.
he asked whether i think it is stable or not having a bike on the carrier behind the car. i said i was pretty sure that the bike and the carrier are stable.
again, he stressed that it is wrong to do it and he went on further saying that it is okay if bikes are carried on the roof.
at that point, i just listened to his explanation and such, blah blah blah.
anyway, i listened intently with a stoned face, and head nodding all the way.
he agreed to let me go this one time, and not to do it again.
well, i put it all behind and headed to the RV point in Cahaya Masai.

i called jpj's number available on its site.
redirected to 4 officers, before ended up with a very long wait for an officer in technical department to answer my query.
went back to jpj's site and looked for any info.
got this:
the form doesn't mention 'basikal'. anyway, it's a general form/letter for all sorts of stuff to be carried on the vehicle.


searched some more,and i got this:

entry by keropok, May 2007:
Guys...i was the one who responded to BBS
This is my take on the issue which is freaking retarded and waste of time...
Got stop at east cost highway from Kuantan to KL last month. Got stop by JPJ and was ask form one of them for the so call approval letter from JPJ. I was kinda of confuse coz i tought that u dun need one. As i could not produce it..i got summon for it. Thank you JPJ for making me go all the way back to Thule Ikano and screw the wrong guys for nothing.....
The next day (as i was still on leave) went to JPJ in Putrajaya and inquire about this so call approval letter. Yet they made me wait for 1 hour just to get verification on the issue. I was pass from one counter to another like a football. Finely after 2 hours of footballing was able to meet up with the "pengarah" from Bhg Teknikal JPJ. Nice guy and was well inform on the procedure of how to get it approve. But when i ask him that Thule said it was ok to use it. His reply was
" Tidak mengikut specs kenderaan asal" he also mentioned that Thule came to see him and wanted to get approval to sell the racks. But JPJ said u can sell but we will not come out with a letter or statement saying It's JPJ approval. rear mount racks are a no go for hatch back cars..as it posses a danger if the car were to be ram from behind. If for sedan you will need to make sure that the number plate, brake lights and signal lights are visible from behind. So it's best to go wif the top mount.
So to make a long story short......Get the borang for RM2 at the counter on the 2nd floor....fill it up provide 3 pics from different agle (front, back and side) Make sure the pics are clear and no handphone pics.....Learn the hard way for it Go back to JPJ putrajaya same floor submit the borang and pics....and wait. if yr lucky the suffering of waiting will be about 1 hour...of not..like me half the day....Just to get a signature and JPJ chop......And yet still have to pay the farking summon.......jezzzzzzz....all this for just to hv fun with nature.....
=end of entry=

i'll settle with the issue for now - just stash my bike in the car.

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