akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 9 July 2009

RTW 09.07.09 - cadence training with zikrullah

Went out at 0705 hours. Reached office at 0745 hours.


Stats today (to):

Ride time: 31m 4s

Dist: 11.64 km

Ave: 22.5 km/h

Max: 40.8 km/h

Odo: 2317.2 km

Good doggies : 3 – looking for their breakfast. No time to play around chasing people on bikes.


Forgotten to reset my computer for this morning’s stat. Only noticed it when I was already about 1 km on the road.


Carred out cadence training, trying to get the rhythm for 80 rpm. Gear changing plays a big role here. Too many times I slipped into 60. My thighs are burning in getting to 80. Have to keep reminding myself that it’s the rpm that counts, not the speed.


One of the things I like about RTW is that I have a quiet time for myself along the 40 minutes journey. For me, it’s not an ideal session for self-reflection, so I try to fill it with zikrullah. Zikrullah also helps in cadence training. The rhythm aids in the cycle of spinning the crank. Up the tempo, I’ll get higher cadence. If I notice that I’m doing it slow, I know that my cadence is low.


It is more or less inspired by a movie (an old one) starred by Bruce Willis – can’t remember the title. Two burglars, who time themselves by singing songs. If they have only 3 minutes, they would sing a 3 minute song that they know, and so on. It kept them on track, timewise, and keeping out the tense. With zikrullah, insyaAllah, the journey is a blessed one.


Quite often, I found myself slipping into a song playing in my mind. Not an easy thing, zikrullah. However, I believe that with repetition, it will become second nature. Give it a try.

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