akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

RTW 01.07.09 - full knobbies + cadence 80

Went out at 0701 hours. Reached office at 0739 hours.


Stats today (to):


Ride time: 35m 44s

Dist: 12.51 km

Ave: 21.0 km/h

Max: 35.8 km/h

Odo: 2158.9 km

Good doggies: 3.


My rear tire suffered 2 punctures last week. Upon inspection, the rear tire is already thinning, and most of the tread in the middle are nearly gone. My spare tire around the waist somehow is gaining thickness. Thus, I decided to don a full knobby wheelset on the bike. A bit of resistance training, coupled with cadence training.


I don’t have a cadence meter, but I tried to keep track of my cadence by counting the strokes and glancing at my watch. 20 strokes in 15 seconds means 80 rpm. 15 seconds x 4 = 60 seconds = 1 minute. Thus 20 strokes x 4 = 80 rpm. Why 80? Because MBA mag says so. Well… it is quite efficient pedaling rpm, taking into account the volume of oxygen taken in vs. power output.


So far, it is quite tiring. Quite early to say whether the theory works for me or not.

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Unknown said...

Maintaining 80rpm cadence? Good for you :)

I been a strong advocate of spinning (high cadence pedaling) until I tried grinding and slightly suffered knee pain. I wrote on this in my blog. Grinding may work for some cyclists but I'll stick spinning.