akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Offroad 21.06.09 - heroes

Quite a few mishaps along the 26km offroad ride last weekend. Every time, heroes emerging among the 13 riders, lending helping hands for each other.

We went in from Cafe Ruza without our usual guide Inche Panjang, who went back to his kampung to see his folks and a friend coming back from the Middle East. So, we had to rely on our agak2 guide - Atuk. The first hero of the day.

hah... ini laa Atuk

On road from Ruza to Nusa Damai, then to Seri Alam via palm oil plantation. Up to the Galaxy Tower (aka Bukit Love) near Cactus Inn (aka Kandang Kuda). Took a breather following the uphill, enjoying the Seri Alam scenery, and deciding where to go next.

view of Seri Alam

From the vantage point, we saw the hill (and the downhill) of 'Bukit 9G'. The group decided to scale it, to savour the speed afterwards. And yes, we decided to call it 'Bukit Sembilan G'. No, not sembilang the fish.

I took the half climb route, then went down. So that I could have a good view of people bombing downhill. This is the second time, and the condition was quite good. Quite controllable compared to before. So I decided to go easy on the brakes. Man, what a thrill speeding downhill.

stronger and able men pedal up all the way. the rest, well...

*actual slope. image not tilted

superb skill, going downhill backwards. get in touch with Amir for lessons.

no, not the wild one like in Chenulang.

taking a breather after Bukit Anjing, before going downhill.

We climbed from halfway up Bukit Anjing af terwards, and went down. The first mishap happened. Amir somehow banged his knees on the pedals. Bruises on both knees, and could not continue the ride. Bob helped with the scratch wounds.

Called up his dad and agreed to meet up at Cactus Inn. Jamal assisted by giving a push while Amir pedaled on his bike. About a few hundred meters later, we heard the rumble of a motorbike. The man agreed to help send Amir to Cactus Inn. Another hero. Unfortunately I didn't ask for the man's name, and tak sempat amik gambar aney tu.

Another hero needed, to bring out Amir's bike. I'm not sure what's the distance, but Kadafi did superbly going both up and down the terrain out to Cactus Inn. On foot, and on the saddle. Lu memang champion la bro!

Kadafi - twin bike riding.
on foot...

...and on the saddle

Reza broke a chain link while going to Cactus Inn, and I helped with the 'longer time but cheap' way. Used for the first time my chain cutter on the Topeak Mini 18+. Man, it is now rusted a bit, although I had oiled the whole of the unit. Oit Reza, apesal kau tak amik gambar aku haa?

Hafiz suffered a flat tire. Bob, EG and Budiman to the rescue and offered help.

We moved in again, and off to the 'badminton' rubber tapper hut. Then to Mashi Maro, another hut. After that we went back through the sand desert, exiting at Flora Heights.

Hafiz, Jamal and I were at the back end. Jamal asked me to take a video of him jumping up a mound, so Hafiz went by himself to group up with the others. When Jamal and I arrived, we came to know that two falls had taken place at the downhill towards FH. Hafiz and EG were involved, in two separate accidents. No heroes needed, as the guys could take the fall, and the ride nearing end already - you know how charged up you could be when the ending is near.

So, that's my coverage for last week's ride. We had those basic mtb emergencies and injuries. Hats off to all the heroes. Spirit of Biking Brotherhood alive. Been 2 weeks for me, and I enjoyed it tremendously.

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