akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop

Even if it's not Lance Armstrong's, it is still a cool bike shop. But then again, there are lots of Lance's memoribilia strewn all over the place, giving out the cool factor. What I mean to say is that, it's more than a bike shop.
The name itself is unique - Mellow Johnny's is based on 'maillot jaune', or yellow jersey for you and me. The bike shop was opened since May 10th 2008. There's a rhyme to all three - well, you'd figure that out already.
Other than the usual bikes and stuff for sale and the normal bike servicing offered by bike shops, there's also a cafĂ©, bikes for rent, and what I like most: commuter hub. That, in itself, makes the place a spot where you feel you belong to.
Wish we have such a place here in Pasir Gudang. I'll put in an area for solat, too.

photos taken from here and here, retrieved today.

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