akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

23.04.2010 Night Ride on road

Friday night Night Ride.

This is the second time I’m joining the guys in Pasir Gudang for their NR. The first time was their offroad, and this time on road (the usual). As the ride was confirmed by Panjang to be on road, I didn’t change the slicks on the wheelsets from the previous RTW. Advantage for me, then.



I was a bit late going out, for I had to dig out the rear carrier rack from the storeroom, install it on the car, and hang my bike there securely. When I arrived, I had to park a bit far from the meeting point – quite a big crowd that night. Didn’t waste much time, I was on my feet and got ready. One thing I left out – my water bottle. Darn it. Bought a 600ml Revive from the nearby grocery store and got a few rubber bands to secure it on my frame bottle cage. Boleh lah…


We went out at about 9.45 pm. Rode to Taman Scientex roundabout, and headed towards Taman Cahaya Masai. A little bit of offroad and we went through to Kota Masai. Headed out to Tanjung Langsat via the long stretch. That’s where the fun began.


Panjang led us, and I followed near him at the back. Then suddenly he pulled up steadily. I drafted along. What pure bliss of speed, without as much effort. We reached 43 km/h at times, and that’s for quite some time. I didn’t feel quite as exhausted as I would, comparing that to my lone RTW sprints.


We went into Kota Masai (forgot which area), took a right and cut through the offroad to go up the E22 highway. Nice. My first time riding a bicycle on the new highway (or any other highway, for that matter…). Again, I rode in the front group. Kadafi, led and 5 of us packed behind him drafting merrily. Most of the time it was around 25 km/h, perhaps due to his 32T single front (with 9 on the rear).


At one section I went in front and took charge. Whoa! Such a big difference when you’re in front trying to pull up high speed (and maintaining it). Albeit, it’s a different kind of high. I think I didn’t lead for long, perhaps only for a few kilometers. A glance on the meter, it showed 43 km/h for quite some time.


We stopped at Shell station and recharged while having a rest. From Shell we took a back road and soon after we were in the darkness of Sungai Tiram en route to the dam. Not long after that we were back in Taman Scientex; and again, Panjang led the charge towards Kafe Ruza. Me, drafting while panting to keep up. My meter showed 40.78 km distance covered.


I enjoyed the ride enormously. Road riding at night with slicks, drafting, E22, and my odometer now passed the 4000 km mark. Simply fabulous.

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