akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Plentong Epic Ride 2010

checkpoints and details
I arrived at Neo's place to gather with the trail crews for manning the CPs and trail works. We went in at around 7.00 am. Atuk and I are assigned to man the first fork. Basically to get the riders to flow to the correct trail (eventhough the trail marking is adequate). The other job there is to take off the markings once the sweeper (Tarmizi EG) passes us by. That site is quite near to the finish run and we don't want the incoming rider to take the wrong turn (and complete another run of 60 km) instead of pedaling home.
Jai came by and eventually we agreed for him to man the post. Atuk and I proceeded to another junction not far ahead to station there. Again, to get the riders to flow to the right turning. The first four riders with Ali Tamago 5 in the bunch came swooping by at 8.21 am. EG came by quite late as there were 3 riders from S'pore who reached Plentong only after 8.30 am.
We proceeded to the trail en route to CP1 and stopped at a junction to re-route the trail. Cleared off the markings and laid down new ones for the Chicken Run for riders coming in from CP1. This time Fadzil and Zaid were with us too. Job done, and we headed to CP1.
We arrived at CP circa 10.00 am. I met a few familiar faces, including Fuad, Jai (again, on his motocross), Nassim, Sham Rudy and few others. Heard about a rider having a gash on his leg from a fall over there.
Not long after that, Panjang came by and we proceeded to CP5 straight away. I love the uphill towards CP5. However, there's a caveat. You have to go through some sort of a swamp before you could start climbing. My otherwise clean bike was instantly splattered with muck.
I spent quite some time up there, waiting for the first rider to arrive. At 11.33, the first rider who completed all CPs arrived. Acai had to paste the green spot on his riding passport on-the-fly, for the caucasian didn't want to stop at all. Tulang the ABS rider came by at 12.09 pm. Not bad, he's among the top 20 finisher.
At around 12.30 we went down towards the starting/finishing point and browsed around the gallery. There were a few stalls that day. Cycling Asia, Nur Ikhsan (Md Noor), GA MTB (ride registration), Angah Bike Shack, Jean Bike Shop (Jason), mj@bp's (finall, get to meet the person), Red Bull (free drinks). Did I miss any?
I lingered there until 1.00 pm and pedaled home to the house in Plentong. Not too exhausting, for I cycled only around 16 km. As always, I couldn't take the heat from the sun. It's too taxing for me. Anyway, the weather was nice all throughout the event, before it rained quite heavily a few hours after that.
Anyone could attest that the organisation and execution of the event are tops. From the few feedbacks I had from riders at CP1, they enjoyed the trail eventhough I could see their energy drained. I missed the lucky draw event. Better that way, for I would be really envious with the person who brought back a complete bike - Giant full suspension Yukon FX, sponsored by Angah Bike Shack.
Were you there? How was your experience riding the Plentong Epic?
If you've missed out the ride, make sure you free up your schedule for the next one.
Read some of the reviews and feedbacks:
photos from my camera.

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