akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

RTW: the completed L-Route

the connecting ramp to Pasir Gudang, from Sungai Masai

I pedaled out on the Coastal Highway on Sunday evening to recce on the connecting bridge over Sungai Masai. To my delight, the bridge is now completed, with tarmac and divider proper.

What's more important is that the receiving ramp from the bridge heading to Pasir Gudang is also connected, although not yet completed. Currently it is a single lane red earth and a bit bumpy but smooth surface. Good enough for motorbikes and bicycles to pass through, although would be no problem for a small lorry too. Just that if there are two vehicles coming head-to-head, either one would definitely have to give way.

So on Monday I went home using the full L-Route from the office. Distance as recorded from Sports Tracker is 8.8km. That's more than 1km shorter than normal.

Supposed to be faster getting home now; though I'm not using it in the morning towards office - no breakfast stalls along the highway.

more photos here.

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