akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Monday, 21 November 2011

Upcoming Event: 18.12.2011 Ronda Riadah Mega Ride 2011

it is a cycling event, not a car show; the Viva is the lucky draw prize

I've registered for the family fun ride just now, and am excited to participate this event with the whole family at Bandar Dato' Onn insyaAllah.

There are a few categories for the mega event, namely:
MTB Offroad Jamboree 50km
Fixie Fun Ride 30km
Family Fun Ride 5km

I opted for the family ride, not because it is cheap (undeniably), but this time I want the family to join in the fun too. Including 2yo Umar. No regrets on not being able to take part in the offroad category. Really looking forward for the family ride.

You can register online here, after you transfered $ through Maybank to Ronda Riadah's account. Yes, that's a proper organisation account.
I did mine in a few minutes during lunchtime, a convenience of having a Maybank account. 

After multiple SMSes to Stephen, these are the additional info for the Family Fun Ride:
Family fun ride is 5km on road ride, flat route, you can chicken out anytime.
Fee is RM30, inclusive of two t-shirts and meals, plus 1 lucky draw. Additional t-shirts are at RM10 each, smallest size is XS.
For offroad and Fixie details, look for the info at the website. Or, call the people listed in the poster above.

Now that registration is done, it's time to get the bikes ready.
See you there?

Have fun rolling.
Thanks for coming over.

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