akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

In The News: MNCF losing out despite booming industry

Read the full article in here (NST).

And yes, mtb jamborees are now more or less a weekly event; a better scene compared to only a couple of years back. Good for the riders, they can choose to their liking. Even better for those who 'cari makan', jamborees also do give out prize money, if not as the training ground or platform to gauge their performance.

I don't know if the struggling junior cyclists are taking part in the jamborees. Well, why not MNCF sanction the jamborees and make it as a talent scout or something out of it for the advancement of the sport. Just put the bureaucracy, lengthy protocols (if any) and $-raking out of the scene. I'm okay with Negaraku, 1Malaysia and state song before the flag-off.

One thing for sure they'll be very, very busy lot all throughout the year.

Riders want to ride. Period.

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