akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 5 April 2012

Milestone: 50th RTW 2012

Today marks my 50th RTW for 2012.

Odometer: 1053.7 km 

Earliest out: 6.37am
Latest out: 7.21am :P

Fastest door-to-door: 27 minutes
Slowest door-to-door: 44 minutes

Shortest route: 10.34 km
Longest route: 14.36 km

Highest average speed: 26.4 km/h
Lowest average speed: 18.8 km/h

Monthlong: 2 out of 4 (50% achieved)
Weeklong: 12 out of 20 (60% achieved)

The one I'm really keen to improve is on the time I'm going out. The earlier the better.
As for the targets, currently I'm ahead of time and hopefully I can surpass it like last year.

Why the stats?
Well, it's fun to keep track on the progress. And for me to show with you that it can be done, rain and shine (I prefer if it's not raining, though).
However, I foresee that when I'm a regular commuter, the stats don't matter anymore. Just like when you stop keeping track of your baby's walking progress.
We'll see.

Thanks for coming over.
Be kind to cyclists. Share The Road.
Enjoy your ride.

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