akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday 30 June 2010

one less car on the road

I met this bro at Plaza Angsana during the school holiday a few weeks ago. How did I spot him? Easy. He was wearing a (very nice) 24 Hours of Adrenaline t-shirt. Only a mountain biker would wear it.
We talked for a while, and exchanged stories. He was about to go off when he asked me for my phone number. When I mentioned my name to attach to the number that he's going to save in his phone, he was excited and fumbled to recall this blog's title.
Hehe... so another reader I met, Aminudin from Alor Star. You know, it's always a pleasure to meet a reader like yourself in person. Yes, you, who frequently visit this humble writing abode of mine. Every time, it's a catalyst for me to write in here whenever I don't ride, and report about my rides.
Apparently, the writings in here (and Rezdrake's too), converted his contemplation into an inaugural RTW yesterday. Another less car on the road; be it a short or a long commute, be it only for once-a-week affair. Another bike visibly ridden on the road, perhaps would make more people to catch the biking bug. The more people are riding the bike to work, the positive effect would soon take place, in many forms - health, infrastructure & facilities, and the environment. I try to do it only twice in a week, but some people in the office thought that I'm doing it everyday!
Ride safe on the road, and thanks for stopping by in here reading this.
Have a good day!
I'm gonna go to that bundle shop in JB and get the t-shirt too. Cool.
bumper sticker from here


zn said...

One less car on a road..and many more people start cycling..there will be more and more healthy environment.

aminudin@amienze said...

zn...bila lg nak jumpa...much to learn from otai like you :=)

akmalhizam said...

yes, sekarang2 ni riders mmg bertambah. hopefully ramai antara riders tu take up RTW jugak.

Syabas bro!