akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Chance Meeting

With the family on tow, I went to Senawang yesterday for Yad's wedding this afternoon. Sorta killing three birds with one stone. The other agenda is balik kampung to my mother's place in Seremban Jaya (technically still in Senawang), and to pay a visit to Jeffree's bike shop at Taman Seri Pagi.

Actually there's nothing else for me to look for at a bike shop, buy hey, if I don't ride, I write. If I don't write, the bike shop I go to (macam banyak duit). Just browsing through, a few things caught my interest. Particularly, the Specialized Sirrus on display. Immediately I noticed that it's a commuter bike, with ergonomic grips (winged for the outer palm) and rigid fork with threaded hole for pannier rack. I didn't notice the suspension seatpost as stated in the specs on the website, though. At RM1680, it's a nice bike for RTW (and touring) it seems, with the sexy curvy top tube to boot... hmm...

While in the shop, Jeffree came up to me and said "Akmal tengok tengok dulu ya, saya ada kerja sikit nak buat". He remembers me by name! What a guy. Then shortly after three guys came in and were talking to Jeffree about a biking accident. I was not paying attention to what they were talking aboutTh, until suddenly someone said "tanya lah Man CIOCC ni... bla bla bla". Hey, wait. Man CIOCC is a follower of this blog. I extended my right hand to Man and said "Akmal". He replied, "akmal bike park?". He he... another face now attached to a familiar name. No camera at hand. If not, I would have another photo with my blog follower for my collection.

He was surprised I was in Senawang, when he learned that I live in Masai. Well, I'm sursprised to see him in Senawang too, as Man's house is in Bangi! So we spent some time chatting in the shop. Truly a chance meeting, I'm glad I went to the bike shop yesterday.

And man... that Sirrus is haunting.

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Man CIOCC said...

No, I don't have a twin.
I cloned myself...

It was a great surprise. "Siapa ManCIOCC!" Funny. Selalunya bawak camera,tah mcm mana terlupa.

I'm building back my old 1989 touring SCHWINN. Probably end of this year, I'll take along my eldest son for a long ride trans Malaysia.

Yes, that's Rizal from VI.