akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Saturday, 2 April 2011

RTW 01.04.2011 Another Weeklong

It's another weeklong this week, the second for this year.
Well, it's really becoming a natural thing to take out the bike in the morning and hit the tarmac. Alhamdulillah, the weather in the morning this week has been nice for RTW.
This morning, it's a really different kind of ride. I'm late for work. Very. Out from the house at 0732 hours, it's the latest I've been so far. I pray that it's the last. The morning ride took me 24 minutes to complete, door-to-door. The fastest so far, and the most tiring. My usual normal ride would be about 30-34 minutes via the L-Route, and I know it would be very, very tiring just to catch up a couple of minutes. It's a must do thing, so I persevered.
Unfortunately, the meter is not telling the real truth. I got 26.6 km/h average speed. I was pleasantly surprised at first, but something tells me that it mustn't be true. Then it struck me that I've forgotten to reset the tire circumference for my slicks, from yesterday's knobbies while in the haste of getting out of the gate quickly. Anyway, I'm happy with 24 minutes. Exhausted, of course.
So that's 2 weeklongs already. One more to go, and the year's target will be met. Well, it's only the beginning of April, so I hope I could do more than that.
Oh, and the odometer is showing less than 10 km more to reach 7000 km mark. InsyaAllah this evening on the way home.
Stats this morning (with wrong tire settings):
Out from home


Arrive office




Ride time

23' 53"



Ave. speed


 km/h <-- can't be true
Max speed




Good doggies



tesco + L route

 Yukon, slicks, VERY LATE
Have a good ride, y'all.
And a nice weekend too.
Thanks for coming around.

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