akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Monday 23 May 2011

Angry Chains - Cycling Events site

http://angrychains.com/ - Cycling events around Malaysia and the region.
I was looking for the registration form for Jasin S2H Jamboree 2011 and google suggested their page, among others. They put all the event details on their pages, providing easy access for finding cycling event info. This is timely, as there are many, many events for mtb alone, lining up for you to pick nowadays. Latest info of the particular event (in this case, Jasin S2H Jamboree) is found to be updated - I praise them for that.
The site's purpose which is to enlist cycling events in one site is neatly presented. Sure, there are a few similar sites which has been around for some time, but this one is different. You get the event info from one site without having to jump to other URL outside their site. Forms can also be downloaded from their site. Not lazy, them, I would say.
I'm not sure how long the site has been around, but I guess it is still new. The clubs pages are not yet updated. One feature that I commend most is Cycling POI. Check out also their Routes section. You can share your cycling routes by creating one - provide them the URL.
If they are diligent enough, and if the cycling community would join in the party by providing input, then I reckon it would be the premier reference point for event listings and more. With the current cycling atmosphere in Malaysia, they'll definitely get their hands full. During the infant stage, however, they have to come up with a decent set of data to get people interested in doing so. Who would come to a party if the house is with 2 or 3 guests (or food, in our local context) to start with, right?
Go to their about page to know more.
Hmm... perhaps I could offer myself to be their proofreader as a part time job.
banner image taken from their website

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Unknown said...

Awesome! Mobile friendly. The Prez and Epic weren't in their list. Though it has yet to be confirmed, marking our calendar for those 'popular events' is crucial for man that requires months ahead planning.