akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Full July

It will be a full July, insyaAllah, where every Sunday would see an mtb event being run. Perhaps organizers are timing those events such that would be had before Ramadhan, which tentatively would fall on the 1st of August.
03/07: Plentong (ride with Police)
10/07: KIP Tampoi MTB Ride
17/07: 2011 Muar-Pagoh MTB Challenge
24/07: PCC Presidential Ride
31/07: KLMBH Epic Bike Hash

I'd like to go to a few of them, but it needs a lot of proper planning, and $.
InsyaAllah will join the Plentong ride.
KIP Tampoi is interesting, for I haven't ridden in that part of JB yet.
I won't go to the Muar-Pagoh event because it's a jamborace :P
PCC is a must-go event, but I'm not sure if my stamina would agree.
I don't want to miss this year's KLMBH Epic Bash, but the date is not agreeable to me.
So, I'm gearing up for those two local rides before a hiatus of offroad rides during Ramadhan (and a couple of weeks after that).
Have a great ride, however short it is. You'll never know if you'd have another one.
Thanks for coming over.


setan kurus said...

PCC jom?

akmalhizam said...

menimbang-nimbang. bleh tompang?

setan kurus said...

tgk partner camane....hehehe

sero said...

korang datang kl... aku lak ke johor