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akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit

Now that's eco-friendly, but of course at the expense of weight. Almost perfect for powering up my phone offroad when using Sports Tracker and geotagging photos. As I learnt from an offroad ride, the phone battery didn't last long to track the whole trail - only for less than a couple of hours when using it fully charged.
I said 'almost', due to the weight penalty. It would be strange to have a dynamo on my fork, but I wouldn't care much actually. I wonder if the bracket could be mounted on an mtb fork - bigger diameter than a city bike. How about muddy tires? Would it tolerate?
The charging time, speed dependent, is quite impressive. See hightlighted below. For my RTW (one way), my phone would be more or less fully charged, I presume - 1370mAh. That, in itself says 'cycling is empowering'.
Copy-and-paste data from Nokia's website:
Power generation:
- Compatible with bottle type bicycle dynamos with 6 V/3 W and 12 V/3 W output
- 5.0 V/450 mA/15 km/h. Maximum current 70 mA
- Charging starts at ~6 km/h and maximum output is achieved at 25 km/h. Charging stops when the speed reaches 50 km/h.
- Charging time depends on cycling speed, for example a Nokia 1202 with a 860 mAh battery can be charged with about 20 minutes of cycling at a speed of about 10 km/h (for the Nokia 1202 this would mean approximately 57 mins talk time or 74 h standby time)
What's in the kit:
Bottle Dynamo for Bicycles (250g)
Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14 (36g)
Nokia Phone Holder for Bicycles CR-124
4 black re-usable cable ties
Plastic bag (to protect the phone against dust and humidity)
photo taken from Nokia's product page


Mat_Yoe said...

Whoa, sweet! gajet yang boleh selesaikan banyak masalah rider yg cepat abis bateri(mcm aku...hehe). wondering if they have option for built-in dynamo that goes into the front hub? penah tengok diguna kat beskal jepun untuk nyalakan lampu.anyway, dah try jgn lupa tulis review.peace,bro!:)

Mat_Yoe said...

Jumpa! they actually make front hub dynamos for 26" tyre with disc. tapi jauh siket la kedainya, kat germany.link :


power adapters:



akmalhizam said...

tak tau kalau nokia m'sia ada jual atau tidak menatang ni.

kalau kat belakang tengkuk ada power connection, boleh guna charger ni utk tambah power masa riding.