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akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Roadbike Romance II

[continued from earlier entry]
I pursued my higher secondary schooling in Jasin, after only a few months with my bike. My cousin Liza asked me, before I'm going to Jasin, "basikal bawak sekali tak?". I wished I could, but I planned on a look-see first. It's a new experience, the boarding school. I wouldn't know if people bring their bikes (or surfboard, if you're in Miami) along to a boarding school. Well, apparently nobody does.
A few months passed, and my first balik kampung. Of course I missed home. The bike, and family. Ayah greeted me with two news:
1. He bought a hi-fi set for the living room.
2. My bike was stolen when my younger brother rode it somewhere in Bandar Baru Sentul.
None of the news were amusing to me at all.
Years passed, and I haven't got much cycling. Perhaps I was carrying a grudge, but more so because of lack of $. During college years in Shah Alam, my friends got together and went for a cycling expedition around the country, including Brunei. I didn't join them. Simply because I didn't have a bike, and this stupid little reluctance (yes, perhaps due to the grudge).
I bought myself a steel roadbike at the Bowlers carboot sale (at Trafford Park) for 20 quids and rode it home in Old Trafford. It was spring time during my second year of university. However, the tire punctured just when I reached home. It was left unrepaired in the house until I finished studying. You could say that it was pretty much neglected. I brought it back to Malaysia, though, but still was unattended to. Much due to lack of $, and no knowledge whatsoever about bike repairing.
It was a white Krypton Factor bike, with good parts. I was not as an avid cyclist back then as I am now, but I do remember a few details. It sported Sachs parts (nice RD) and chain, Selle Royal saddle, and the steel rims were with dimples on the sides. I don't know what happened to the bike now, after my parents moved from Taman Melati to Senawang. I guess it was deemed as scrap. Too bad, huh?
Well, that was my romance with my roadbikes. I'm not sure if I would own another. I'm happy with my RTW Machine and Trance fullsusser for their practicality and my style of riding. However, I would always admire the beauty and sexiness of a roadbike's parts whenever I feast my eyes on them. Always. I guess there's still a flame inside of me, however dim, but would not be put out.


Unknown said...

just grab my roadbike if you need to satisfy your lust :)

Anonymous said...

Wat year u were in Manchester ?
Rekindle tht romance la !!

akmalhizam said...

Yes, I'll do that. On the rear d and the brakes. Tak tahan woo.

Manchester from autumn 96-98

akmalhizam said...

Thanks man.
The RD and brake calipers, especially... curvaceous delicious.

Was in Man from Autumn 1996 - Autumn 1998.