akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 6 July 2010

RTW 06.07.2010 - mental bliss

I got ready really early this morning, circa 6.50 am. However, after a few 'simple' chores, it ate up about 10 minutes and so I was out of the gate at about 7.00 am.
I felt very different this morning.
Was it because I took a bath? Heheh...
Was it because I'm relatively early?
Well, maybe those helped, but I think the most important factor is my mindset. I wanted to make it a relaxed and joyous ride this morning, like what it was back then when I pedaled to school. No hurry, no rush, no stats to be made a record.
Along the way, the pedaling was smooth. Not much perspiration. No heavy respiration. No drummy heartbeat (aiseh... couldn't find another noun that ends with 'tion'). Just a calm, relaxing pedal on my way to the office. The weather was nice, and the air was fresh and breezy. Such a blissful morning.
Okay, the air was not that fresh and breezy.
I decided to wear a mask this morning, after so many RTWs I neglected it. So, I try not to breathe heavily. With a mask, breathing heavily is never a nice experience. I found that I'll be short of breath in a matter of minutes after the start of a heavy breathe, and then it'll be not so nice.
Well, I guess wearing a mask also would make the RTW experience better, apart from the mindset (the most important factor, still). It directly filters the air that I'm about to breathe in, and indirectly forces me to make it a calm ride.
FYI, I'm wearing a Givi mask this morning. Available at a moto shop near you that carries Givi products. Got mine at a moto shop in Kota Masai for RM25. I don't remember if the package includes a spare filter or not. I asked the shop if they have spares for sale, and the answer was no.
I have another mask, maroon in colour. Bought at a hardware shop in Masai for RM15 with a spare filter thrown in the pack.
My favourite is the maroon mask. It has velcro at the back, so it is easy to put on and take out. The Givi's only having a stretch strap that you have to put over the top of your head in order to put on, and to take off.
My dream mask would be the Respro City Mask, but it's much more expensive, plus I don't know if there's a seller in Malaysia. If you know any, drop me a line okay. Gotta start saving for it.
Out from home


Arrive office




Ride time




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, masked
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

drummy heartbeat = palpitation ?

Daffodil said...

Salam dari Glasgow, UK tahniah kepada saudara yang RTW. Ramai ke kawan kawan RTW di sana.

Daffodil said...

Salam dari Glasgow, RTW di malaysia bestnya..moga-moga ramai lagi RTW di malaysia

akmalhizam said...

Anon.: haa... yes! I'll use it in a triad for later posts. Thanks!

Daffodil: Alaika salaam. Terima kasih, alhamdulillah. Di Pasir Gudang ni sentiasa ada ramai yang RTW, tapi tak berapa kenal... kebanyakannya abang2 Bangla.

Well, yes, ada juga beberapa kenalan MTB PG yang RTW.

Anda di Glasgow pun RTW?