akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday 25 February 2011

Event: Giant UTM MTB Quest 2011

Date: 8 - 10th April 2011 (ride is on the 10th)
Type: jamboree with prizes (weird, huh?)
Registration fee: RM50 before 12th March, RM70 thereafter
Registration forms: individual | team
According to a friend in BBS chatbox (organizer insider), the event is 'jamboree with prizes'. On the event's website (blog), there are cash prizes for top ten riders in each of riding categories. That's a total of RM12,150.00. Twelve thousand, one hundred and fifty ringgit to be shared among 50 fastest riders of the day, in their respective categories. Oh, my... It is a race.

Categories are split according to age. That makes me having to ride amongst 'Masters'. As if I am one. Oh, there are medals for the top 30 winners too.

i. Under 18
ii. Men Elite (19 to 29 years old)
iii. Men Master (30 to 39 years old)
iv. Men Senior Master (40 years old and above)
v. Women Open

Well, I'm in it for the jersey, and to support local events around JB (yes, in that order) - if I have the time and $, will try my best to support mtb events around JB. There's no indication that there'll be lucky draw, though. Too bad, for it makes the event look like more of a race rather than an mtb jamboree. However, my insider told me that there'll be lucky draw. Guess we'll just wait and see about that.

There's another event taking place on the same day in Yong Peng. My choice is clear - I'm going to UTM, insyaAllah. It's closer to home, and I'll have an excellent blue/white jersey with 'Giant' printed on it along with a goodie bag. Besides, I have enough water bottles for now. Not sure what I'm going to do with the certificate, though.

The registration form asked for 'your best closed-up picture', to be included in their e-book. Cool! That's a first, rather unique move I might say. Definitely not going to send them this one.

So what's my definition of an mtb jamboree? That'll be another post for another time, Jack.

You gonna be there? See ya, insyaAllah.
Take care, and ride safe.
Have a good weekend!


kadafi said...

wa cabar lu taruk gambar tu bro.. haha

akmalhizam said...

aisehh... registration sama gambar wa dah hantar la...