akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday 22 June 2012

Ride a Bike

I recommend for you to ride a bicycle:

for your spiritual health - involve zikr with each pedal stroke

for your physical health - even a short spin around the neighbourhood would make you sweat and put in some exercise

for your mental health - be alone even when riding in a group






*fill in the blanks (believe me, you would be filling in many lines after some kilometers).

Have a good day.

Ride a Bike

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Merino Wool?

merino wool jersey - have ewe tried it yet?

Latfy - a reborn cyclist (and I mean a very avid cyclist at that) - was checking up on the idea of wearing merino wool shirt for his RTW. Both of us agree that in our local climate we would surely sweat when riding the bike. I had done tests myself on my RTW journeys with cotton t-shirts and polyester jerseys. No matter how cool the weather is (post rain, gloomy sky, etc.), surely I would be sweaty whenever I'm stopping at the traffic light.

The other challenge is to not be stinky because of the sweat. One of my two Sugoi jerseys would smell a bit funny when I'm sweaty - perhaps because of the polyester. The other jersey, Brooks with X-Static material is much better, with no odor due to its anti-bacterial properties.

And then Latfy gave me this link:


Two weeks with one shirt with no odor? That's something. Anybody tried any merino wool jersey in our local climate? Especially when it's hot and humid, for any types of cycling - road, offroad, RTW, touring, etc. Please share your experience. I'd like to know what you think (feel).

So far I've got a pair of Smartwool socks from a Timberland store (and they're not a cheap pair of socks!). A bit thick, I've been wearing them with my sneakers only. No cycling yet.

Why Merino Wool?



image taken from here.

Friday 8 June 2012

Event: 17.06.2012 Wa Cycles XC Challenge 2012

come down to Seri Alam, y'all!

As the title suggests, it is a race. And pretty accurate timescoring at that, using timing chips system. The first MTB XC race in Malaysia utilising such tech.

Details are on the poster.

Ad: if you need accommodation (homestay) in Plentong (a few km from Seri Alam), do contact me 012.7318839.
Reasonable rate for mountain bikers.

Have a good weekend.
Train hard. And enjoy it.

Thursday 7 June 2012

X-by-10 speed: inevitable?

I'm a fan of 9 speed. That's purely because of the $ aspect. Technologically, I have never heard of 10 speed (on the rear) having issues. All three bikes at home are with 3x9 setting, so I'm keeping parts inventory low. They are interchangeable. I'm a modular kind of guy, you see.
This morning I got the news from SRAM that X5 is now offered in 2x10 config. Of course, this was following the trend as the equal stable from Shimano - Deore - has led.
So, is the transition to 10 speed inevitable, be it 3x10 or 2x10?
I'd like to try it out for my Trance. Anyone would like to sponsor me for the shift?
Pardon the pun. Can't help it.
11 speed?
I am left behind, it seems. Shimano in their XTR outfit is beginning to roll out 11 speed. SRAM is with their XX1 (1x11)
I'm game for this tech push, as long as it benefits in smoother shifting, less weight, durable and affordable.
Well, that last part I guess we have to wait a few years down the line.
Have a great day.
Thanks for coming over.

Friday 1 June 2012

Event: 02-03.06.2012 Downmall Pelangi

You might have seen it on YouTube before. Well, that's somewhere else. DH nuts are bringing it to Malaysia for the first time ever. And it is in JB. How cool is that. (Okay, only if there are no fatal injury, of course).

Head down to JB, then. If you're not participating, witnessing it would also be awesome. Parking space as usual in Plaza Pelangi is quite limited. Heck, go there by your bike, then.

Perhaps after this we can have indoor loop race in Kemayan City like the Europeans and Americans are doing.
A bit scary, I know.

p.s.: search 'downmall' in YouTube.