akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Now Pedaling in Seremban!

mini playground nearby the house

I have now moved to a new house in Seremban. After a few months as weekend husband/father, now the whole family have moved permanently (for now, insyaAllah for a long time). I have been busy with the moving arrangement for a few months since mid November - before, during and after moving to Seremban.

I've taken some opportunity to pedal around the localities on road, mostly. One of them was to/from the LBS - Senawang Bike House. and also checking out the nearby offroad. So far, I've participated in only one ride with the local club, Perpatih Cycling Club - for a night offroad.

There is an intention to also ride to the local wet market in Ampangan since I've finally gotten my Ibera Pannier Rack, but to date I haven't got the guts to do it as Jalan Kuala Pilah/Jalan Ampangan is quite narrow with moderate traffic (hence, they go quite fast). For that, I need to explore the inner roads someday.

InsyaAllah I would like to go on a touring trip from Seremban. There are many destinations in mind, but I'll only share them with you after I actually done the touring.

Thanks for keep coming back in here.
Have a good ride.

*okay, now I'm very happy for finally able to resume writing in this dusty and cobwebbed blog.