akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday 23 January 2015

Welcome back, Revelation 409

For quite a long time and after a series of unsuccessful service and repairs, my much beloved Rock Shox Revelation 409 is back to work. This time, its steerer tube is mated on my Trance headtube and the dropout is clamping the sweet Mavic CrossTrail. A second time assuming duty on a full-susser.

It has been dormant in a fork box in the storeroom as it is suffering a leaking problem.

It got me frustrated after sending it for repair a few times before this but the leaking was still present. I even had the thought of letting it go. However, I love the features abundant on the fork that I held onto it and resigned it to the store room.

Tavel-adjustable (100-130mm) U-Turn.
Floodgate Motion Control.
Remote Lockout (poplock).
Rebound adjust.
Dual Air (+ve & -ve).
Lightweight at  from MTB Malaysia fb group I get to know about Aziz (Aparaziz Oi), an independent fork and shock serviceman. I contacted him for the sevice/repair job and he agreed to it.

Over the phone, his initial diagnosis was that the dust seals are busted and need to be replaced. Well, he seems to know what he's doing. Plus, I thought his many customers can't be wrong sending their forks, shocks and bikes for service and repair. So I gave it a shot.

A week after that, I got my fork back complete with a poplock RL (paid separately) and new RS dust seals.

There's no leaking on the left stanchion, and the U-Turn works perfectly. However, the floodgate and the right stanchion had some oil leaking. I was alarmed and was a bit frustrated. Anyway, I fitted it on Trance and completed the setup a few hours before taking part in NS Nature Seri Menanti 2015 Special Edition Jamboree ride.

However, the RL didn't do its duty at all. I notified this to Aziz and he asked me to re-send the fork to him for some adjustment. He has a 30-days warranty policy in effect for all service and repair job done. I don't really look forward to the much hassle excercise of disassembling the fork from the bike, though.

At the time of this writing, the fork is still on the bike. Perhaps I'd do the disassembling job in the coming few days.

Thanks for coming over.
Enjoy your rides!