akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday 30 July 2010


My office mate Rizal (a regular RTW guy on Saturdays) wrote:
Semalam, 29 Julai 2010, jam 6 ptg, saya dikejutkan dengan panggilan dari jiran bersebelahan rumah yang kebetulan dalam perjalanan pulang dari kerja melalui persimpangan ke MMHE Lebuhraya Pasir Gudang. Terpandang kereta saya yang diletakkan di bahu jalan persimpangan berkenaan lalu menghubungi saya untuk memaklumkan keadaan kereta saya dengan cermin pintu sebelah kiri penumpang hadapan telah pecah.
Saya bergegas ke lokasi di mana saya meletakkan kereta saya pagi semalam untuk meninjau. Setelah tiba, saya dapati cermin kereta saya telah dipecahkan. Setelah diperiksa, saya dapati set radio kereta saya telah dicuri. Meninjau lokasi sama, saya turut mendapati kesan serpihan kaca cermin kenderaan lain tak lebih 10 meter dari lokasi kereta saya. Ini bermakna, mana-mana kenderaan yang ditinggalkan di kawasan berkenaan menjadi sasaran utama penjenayah ini.
Perkara yang sering menghantui diri saya selama ini benar-benar terjadi akibat meninggalkan kenderaan di lokasi berisiko tinggi dan mengundang bahaya seperti pecah kenderaan, kecurian dan risiko dirempuh kenderaan yang dipandu laju di lebuhraya serta risiko dikenakan tindakan pihak berwajib. Sememangnya saya sedar bahawa tiada pihak lain yang akan bertanggungjawab di atas kejadian seperti ini selain pemilik kenderaan itu sendiri namun ianya masih boleh dielakkan sekiranya kenderaan saya diletakkan di tempat yang sering mendapat pengawasan seperti di parkir pekerja yang telah disediakan tapi oleh kerana parkir penuh, saya tak dapat berbuat demikian. Walaubagaimanapun, saya pasrah dan menganggap ini sudah ketentuan dan pasti ada hikmah di sebaliknya. Saya juga bersyukur kerana hanya set radio kereta saya sahaja yang hilang dan bukannya kereta saya yang dilarikan.
Saya juga ingin berterima kasih kepada rakan-rakan seperti Ismesali dan Ikram yang sudi menemankan saya sambil membantu mengemas dan membersihkan serpihan kaca yang bertaburan di dalam kereta. Saya juga ingin mengingatkan para pemilik kenderaan lain yang terpaksa meletakkan kenderaan di pinggir bahu lebuhraya supaya berwaspada. Berikutan keadaan saya yang masih lagi fobia, hari ini saya menunggang basikal ke tempat kerja.
Well, theft shouldn't be the reason for anyone to take up riding a bicycle to work. As I pointed out before, the parking lot problem at my workplace has gone bad. Currently there's a discussion on how to alleviate this problem, and hopefully good solutions would come out from it and implemented.
This is the second week I'm leaving my parking privilege to someone else whose circumstances are not as fortunate as I am.
As a note, Rizal uses the other toilet in the building adjacent to mine (our office is split into 2 areas), so there's never a case of shower booth contest between us.
Have a great weekend, be it on the trails, on the road, or just at home.
Be safe, always.

Monday 26 July 2010

One More Parking Space

peraduan teka bilangan kenderaan. hantarkan jawapan anda segera.
I have not used my privelege to park in the parking lot outside the yard last week, except for Saturday. Of recent weeks, parked cars are overflowing to the side of the Pasir Gudang Highway, to some 200 meters on the left and right of the entrance to MMHE. If you're late, you'll be penalised as such. Usually when I reach the entrance at 7.40 am, cars are already lined up parked at the roadside.
It's a bad state. There were numerous incidents of vehicle theft and damages when parked in the parking lot before this, what's more if they are left out in the open. Well, I believe the security guards would not cover their patrolling area to such extent, outside of the parking lot and along the highway. I don't think the security of vehicles are in their job scope, anyway.
My solution is to be defensive. Mak would drive me to the workplace on the days when she's using the car during the day. I would RTW on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, if it's raining on Tue and Thu, I would have to ask Mak's help. Well, not on all rainy Tue & Thu. On Fridays, I rely on Yad's car to carpool with 2 other mates to go for solat Jumaat.
I asked my colleague, how far is it from MMHE flat to the yard? Well, it's only around 5km. That's less than half of my normal RTW distance. I would RTW everyday, with that distance, insyaAllah. Not a big effort comparatively to what I'm doing now.
But, if I'm able to convince my mates to RTW, we'll be lining up in the toilet to use the single shower booth. Naahh... I'll just let them worry about parking their cars and motors, then...
Be safe on the road, y'all.
Thanks for coming over.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Climbing Tips

yeap, I cleared this section on my bike
I shared with you Alimuddin's tips on climbing in my previous entry.
Here's another one that came in my email mailbox just before the BP ride, but I forgot to mention it.
My version of it, instead of counting rocks or singing an annoying song or argue with yourself, I'll put in positive thoughts. Just like Wendy and her siblings thinking of happy thoughts in order for them to be able to fly to Neverland, in that Peter Pan movie. You get my drift? No, not the self made movies from Indonesia. It's that movie adapted from the novel, you dirty minded crankers.
Or, I'd resort to zikrullah. Simple, repititive, and hopefully makes for a blessed ride. Also, you can pace your cadence and breathing with it.
One thing I found out is that when I have negative thoughts, the uphill climb doubled it's difficulty in a snap. It's a lost battle before it even started. Well, it is still difficult even when the mind is filled with positive thoughts, but it's not as tough. For some hills, they actually were not as hard as it seems, like the one above that I cleared in Batu Pahat last Sunday.
Another thing I employed is to sit on the nose of the saddle, especially for a steep hill. Made my butt sore a bit, but it's not for a long climb. Sitting on the saddle nose makes my body's center of gravity shifted to the front and that gives some grip on the front tire. It's a balancing act; you have to find a position that won't make your rear wheel lifted.
If you have a lockable fork, use it by all means when climbing. Your pushing up when pedaling will be transfered right to the ground and won't be sucked by the plush strokes of the fork.
Try it out yourself on the trails this weekend.
Dang, it's only Wednesday... still a few more days to go.
Thanks for dropping by.
Think positive thoughts.
photo by Suffrizal A. Karim

Monday 19 July 2010

18.07.2010 - Batu Pahat Berani Ride

merenung nasib diri... kalau penat mengayuh ok lagi. ini penat menolak... apa cerita?
BP jamboree = Bike Pushers jamboree?
The event tagline is 'Torture is Pleasure'. Well, not for me, and many others whom I heard bawling and cursing upon seeing hills after a series of hills along the offroad adventure.
Bottom line, it's not great fun of an offroad ride. At least not what I expect from a 'jamboree' event. I mean, what's the need in having hills after hills to 'conquer'? Okay, simple answer would be "you're riding a mountain bike". Right? Well, we do, but not all of us are that tough to ride all 300+ hills in a series in a day. A lot of the guys have the same conviction - that the trail recce was done with a motorcross. Well, I thought that it was done with the assistance of a helicopter.
Anyway, I did conquer about 250 hills yesterday. I would certainly concur that mental strength played a big role. However, there were numerous times that I nearly hurled my bike. Considering that it would be my only means of getting to the finish point, and how dear it i$ to me, I managed to abstain myself from doing so. Well, to conquer the hills and to keep my composure, mental strength is vital.
Yes, while riding up I did stop at the middle of some of the hills, though, for a couple of reasons:
1. My heartbeat palpitated, and I just have got to stop for a while to bring it back down, and continued climbing after that.
2. Many bike pushers (BPs) took their sweet time pushing their bike on the main line, forcing me to stop.
About the BPs, it is imperative that they give way for riders who are riding uphill. If you're a BP, please be attentive of the riders behind you. If you're wearing earplugs, please take it off. You'd be pissed off as much as I do if you're honked with an airhorn by the uphill crankers. Please also be aware if you're trudging on the main line, or the sweetest line uphill. BPs are generally slower (about 4km/h) than those climbing on the bike (about 8 km/h), so please give ample space, and if you're kind and generous, give them moral support.
As much as I can I don't want to be a BP, for two reasons:
1. it taxes my strength much more than riding uphill. With pushing the bike uphill, I'll be using my upper body and my legs. Riding uphill would be utilising the quadriceps, which is of a higher muscler mass than my arms and shoulders.
2. it is much faster riding uphill. Riding would make the heart beat fast, but I noticed that it's the same too when I'm a BP. So, it's better to ride uphill.
And, the personal triumph of conquering an impossible hill - it's simply priceless.
Well, not to say that I'm no BP, though. I was one, at the section uphill after the steel barrier. It was slippery due to the moss, thus making it exhausting to clear that section.
Alhamdulillah, the weather was nice, and the trails condition were good too. Especially as it was overcast during most of my ride at the 80% open trail on the way to checkpoint 2. Also, my drivetrain was good, basically because there's no mud; no chainsuck, no ghost shifting, no big problem.
Okay, brickbats aside, the organisers certainly deserve a big pat on the back too. They've got many things right. I think they purposely made the small red stones trail as the downhill rather than the uphill as it is logical. I don't think you can ride up that steep section, what more being a BP on such loose terrain. The important thing: markings are good, with clear signs and lots of paper trails alongside (even stapled on the leaves, lots of them). Finally, the watermelons at checkpoint 3 are simply awesome. Well, they certainly touted the beryani after the ride as the high piont, but for me that's not comparable to the juicy watermelons.
Got myself a Limar 525 for the lucky draw too. I was actually expecting to bring home one of the complete bikes, and have secured a space in bro Ayub's truck for it. Anyway, the helmet fits my small head (read: me not a big headed guy), and I don't have to fork out my dough for a MET Mythos after all. Will be using it for my RTWs insyaAllah. Alhamdulillah, at least it serves as a consolation for the not-so-fun ride.
photo and caption credit: Suffrizal A. Karim
Alimuddin's piece, from which I got some tips for climbing (points number 1 & 6 helped the most)

Bike Lanes

While listening to Symphony 92.4 FM last week, on the radio was the news that Singapore is up for SGD26m bike lanes. It was meant for the push in making cycling as a means for commuting between towns.
Well, that's a lot of public money, and I'm a proponent for such move. How many would really take it, cycling? There were always walkpaths along the roads in Singapore. I used them a lot during my teen years whenever I come down to Singapore for a visit (sports shopping, more likely). Well, I use the walkpaths because they are everywhere, wide enough, mostly covered with trees, and personally my shopping in Singapore is best by foot - easier to hop into shops. However, when there are walkpaths available, we don't see many using it, but still there are some. Bikes? now that's a different story.
Not everyone has bikes (although it seems virtually every Bangladeshi in Pasir Gudang does), but still there are many who do; and they cycle to places. For intra-city transport, cycling is much more convenient and faster compared to walking, perhaps motorised vehicles too. That is, if the facilities are there, such as (wide enough) bike lanes, parking spaces with locking facilities, showers and lockers (okay, that's for phase 2).
I can assure you that right now is a high time for cycling lanes to be integrated into new roads during city planning and also introduced into existing ones. The other facilities, that can come later (perhaps just before the next national general election).
Bike lanes are different from walkpaths and roads, as the mode of transport is different. Bicycles are slower than most other vehicles (when there's no traffic jam), but much faster than walking. For that obvious reason, it is unsuitable for cyclists to use the walkpaths and roads, hence dedicated bike lanes are needed.
Basically it's a chicken and egg scenario. People who would like to use the bicycle more often are most concerned with their safety. Riding the bike on the roads is quite a gamble and this is much so when cycling alone. We can always invest in personal safety equipment and accessories, but not really defensive. There's still a big risk of being hit from the rear. Having a dedicated bike lane would make it much more safer, because there'll be no heavier and speedier vehicles except bicycles. Those who were concerned in the first place would then take up cycling as a viable transport mode.
On the other end, perhaps bike lanes are non-existent due to lack of numbers making it uneconomic to have them especially when space is a premium. However, if it's stipulated in the law books that housing developers and cities are to have dedicated bike lanes, there will be bike lanes.
In JB less than five years ago, there are only a few prominent bike shops selling decent bikes, parts and accessories. Now, I would say there are more than ten of such. Clearly, the number of cyclists (with expensive bikes) are growing. And, these people would very much like to cycle more as they have invested quite a lot of dough for the bikes, especially during the night on weekdays. These cyclists would also consider cycling as a means for commuting to work. Mind you, this phenomena is not unique to JB. It happens everywhere else in Malaysia, especially in KL. There are a number of bike boutiques now springing out. So, yes, we do have the numbers already now.
We don't have to wait until the statistics show a certain number of fatal accidents involving cyclists in order to have dedicated bike lanes put up in our neighbourhood and roads, do we?
As a side note, I've seen a dedicated bike lane along the main road in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) in KL. However, it seems as though it is under used, and looks shabby from the outset. Back to the chicken and egg scenario. Not enough cyclists? I don't think so. Well, the bike lane's already there. It should not be merely bike lanes, but well-designed and well-maintained bike lanes.
What do you think?

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Northern Connection

I've been delaying to write about this for a couple of weeks, actually, until right now when my college friend Gjoe gave me call earlier this afternoon; right after he read about my piece on chainsuck and related his own painful (to the pocket) experience.

He's residing in Changlun, and having missed a couple of months of riding due to bad drivetrain on his Avanti, nowadays he brings along his bike in the car every day for a daily night ride opportunity. That's the same Gjoe who gave me the best bike-related present so far (hint hint).
Over the last few weeks, there have been quite a series of connection with riders from the north. Kedah, to be exact. Well, I met Amienze at Plaza Angsana end of June. And my blogroll (on the right panel), I've added a few of Kedahan riders' blogs links.
During the short chat with Gjoe, he told me that he rides with Tandope regularly. Well, well... I've said it once, and I'll say it again: what a small world it is, mountain biking community in Malaysia.
Hope to see ya on the trails one day, insyaAllah!
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday 12 July 2010

11.07.2010 - Seri Alam Offroad

gambar lama. Panjang kat padang pasir, dan tapak UniKL Seri Alam.
Minggu lepas tak kayuh offroad.
Hari Sabtu, malamnya dah sediakan jentera dan kelengkapan untuk kayuh offroad pagi esoknya.
Pagi hari Ahad tu, aku kayuh on road untuk ke RV di Taman Scientex. Boleh lah, lagi sikit nak 10 km jaraknya. Masa kayuhan dalam 25 minit, kira macam-macam-dalam-1 lah. Jimat minyak, kurangkan carbon footprint sambil warm up dan tambah kilometer kat cyclocomputer aku. Tapi, dalam dah bersedia tu, ada juga benda yang terlupa. Kamera. Maka, tak adalah gambar untuk menghiasi cerita kayuhan kali ini.
Aku yang paling awal sampai kat Kafe Ruza. Terus telefon Panjang, confirmkan ada ke tidak berkayuh pagi tu. Betullah, memang ada. Cuma aku buat sejarah, pertama kali aku datang awal (tu yang aku taip entry nih...). Maka aku bersarapan dulu lah. Dua minit lepas tu Putut sampai. Dah lama jugak tak berjumpa adik si Panjang ni. Lepas dari tu baru lah nampak kelibat pengayuh lain seorang demi seorang. Menariknya kayuhan pagi semalam, ramai pengayuh-pengayuh lama Pasir Gudang turun. Haji Ali, Angah pun ada (dengan Spesh Epik rega 17 ribu nya), Putut, Atuk, Amat, aku (ehm ehm). Opismet aku, si Yad pun turun. Memang lah kat pejabat tiap-tiap hari tengok muka dia ni, tapi dah lama tak kayuh sama.
Kayuhan semalam agak menarik. Mula aje masuk ke Seri Alam, dah layan jongkang jongket, lepas tu pergi ke Simpang Brek Pad. Lepas tu layan dakian pendek dekat mata air, sebelum naik ke Pylon dengan mendaki Bukit Anjing. Turun dari Pylon tu, agak kureng sebab aku ikut belakang rider OKU*. So, takleh nak layan DH sangat. Lepas tu layan trail kat kebun getah yang aku dah lupa susunannya. Kitorang pergi satu tempat tu rasa macam kat New Zealand pun ada. Kitorang pergi Tasik Layang, susur kat gigi tasik tu. Masuk kali ini, dah kali kedua aku kayuh ke situ. Pemandangan memang cantik. Lagi lawa dari NZ. Kot...Tapi, memang hati tak berhenti memuji keindahan ciptaan Allah. Yang bagusnya, kawasan tu tak tercemar. Dan harap-harapnya para pengunjung, terutama yang berkayuh basikal, tak menjadi pencemar. Buangan organik takpe kalau ditinggalkan, yang plastik harap dibawak pulang bersama. Tak berat mana pun, kan?
*OKU? Iya, sebab lengan kiri brader tu tak berfungsi (baca: terima duit Perkeso setiap bulan). So, kira macam dia kayuh satu tangan aje lah. Mantap dak?
Ada dua benda yang buat kayuhan aku rasa berlainan kali ni.
Satu: Tayar.
Aku cuba lembikkan tayar aku, berbanding biasa. Entah berapa psi, sebab aku main lepaskan aje angin, sambil tekan-tekan dinding tayar sampai agak lembik. Tapi, tak terlalu lembik takut snakebite pulak nanti.
Dua: Lockout.
Aku rajin main lockout kali ini. Agak leceh sikit, pasal aku takde remote lockout. Tapi, dakian memang sedap diratah dengan lockout terpasang. Jalan rata, lagi lah... Rasa macam nak tukar aje Motion Control aku, pakai yang boleh guna RL tu... hmmm...
Perjalanan balik ikut padang pasir di kawasan pembinaan MRSM Seri Alam dan Universiti Kuala Lumpur cawangan Seri Alam. Dah nak siap dah, kedua-duanya tu. Kalau korang ada anak-anak yang nak masuk U atau MRSM, mintak la depa apply. Hujung minggu boleh lepak Seri Alam. Sabtu lawat diorang, Ahad kayuh dengan kitorang. Amacam? Kamera tak dibawa, maka tak boleh nak kongsi pemandangan. Takpe, lain kali insyaAllah. Masa tu dah panas terik dah, dalam pukul 1 jugak. Timing memang cantek, pasal aku memang nak kena ada kat rumah dalam masa tu sebab nak pergi kenduri kahwin.
Masa dok daki bukit kat padang pasir tu, aku belasah naik sorang-sorang, lepas tu tunggu yang lain kat kawasan datar sambil tengok-tengok bangunan sekolah dan universiti moden tu. Tunggu dalam 2 minit, Yad pun lalu. Tunggu 2 minit lagi, yang lain masih tak nampak kelibat. Hmm... awan putih tebal yang sedari tadi menyorokkan sang mentari dah mula beredar, maka aku pun turut sama. Tengah aku dok kayuh santai kat crusher run, ada sekor anjing dok usha aku. Semacam aje... Maka aku pun bersedia dengan lockout dan gear yang sesuai untuk memecut. Memang sah, dia nak bergurau dengan aku. Siut... tak pasal-pasal aku kena sprint, ada lah dalam 200 meter. Mencungap jugak. Lepas tu dah keluar ke jalan tar dan sambung kayuh terus ke rumah. Bila lalu kat sebelah gerai air tebu, aku buat-buat tak nampak sambil hirup udara bau tebu segar. Perhhh... bergoncang iman. Sepuluh minit lepas tu aku dah ada kat rumah dah, togok air kosong sambil bayangkan bau tebu tadi. Hmm... memang rasa sebijik macam air tebu.
Alhamdulillah, aku agak puas dengan kayuhan semalam. Tengok kat meter, jarak lebih kurang 30 km. Campur dengan atas tar masa nak ke RV masa paginya, total nak dekat 40 km. Boleh lah tu, buat pemanas kaki sebagai persediaan nak kayuh kat Batu Pahat Beryani Ride Ahad ni.
Terima kasih sudi berkunjung.
Have a nice ride!

Thursday 8 July 2010

RTW 08.07.2010 - relaxed, and a bit shorter

I didn't realise how leisurely it was, my Tue ride, until I looked back at the stats carefully. It was 18.9 km/h average speed. Wow... that's the second slowest that I have registered so far. The slowest being 18.0 km/h average mid December last year.
Well, today's another sub-20 ride too. And, a bit shorter than usual - distance of below 12 km compared to the usual 12.5 km average. That's mainly because it was starting to drizzle as I passed through the Taman Mawar traffic light. The highway was a bit packed at the yard entrance, so it was safe for me to snake through it, thus the shorter distance logged.
Even when it was drizzling, I kept my steady, unhurried pace. Even if it would get heavier, I would stick to it for it would be safer than to get stirred up and lose control over certain things e.g. breath, heartrate.
Alhamdulillah, it wasn't a pour. Arrived safely at the office, being wet largely from my sweat. 
Out from home


Arrive office




Ride time




Ave. speed


Max speed




Good doggies




, mask
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a good day!

Tuesday 6 July 2010

RTW 06.07.2010 - mental bliss

I got ready really early this morning, circa 6.50 am. However, after a few 'simple' chores, it ate up about 10 minutes and so I was out of the gate at about 7.00 am.
I felt very different this morning.
Was it because I took a bath? Heheh...
Was it because I'm relatively early?
Well, maybe those helped, but I think the most important factor is my mindset. I wanted to make it a relaxed and joyous ride this morning, like what it was back then when I pedaled to school. No hurry, no rush, no stats to be made a record.
Along the way, the pedaling was smooth. Not much perspiration. No heavy respiration. No drummy heartbeat (aiseh... couldn't find another noun that ends with 'tion'). Just a calm, relaxing pedal on my way to the office. The weather was nice, and the air was fresh and breezy. Such a blissful morning.
Okay, the air was not that fresh and breezy.
I decided to wear a mask this morning, after so many RTWs I neglected it. So, I try not to breathe heavily. With a mask, breathing heavily is never a nice experience. I found that I'll be short of breath in a matter of minutes after the start of a heavy breathe, and then it'll be not so nice.
Well, I guess wearing a mask also would make the RTW experience better, apart from the mindset (the most important factor, still). It directly filters the air that I'm about to breathe in, and indirectly forces me to make it a calm ride.
FYI, I'm wearing a Givi mask this morning. Available at a moto shop near you that carries Givi products. Got mine at a moto shop in Kota Masai for RM25. I don't remember if the package includes a spare filter or not. I asked the shop if they have spares for sale, and the answer was no.
I have another mask, maroon in colour. Bought at a hardware shop in Masai for RM15 with a spare filter thrown in the pack.
My favourite is the maroon mask. It has velcro at the back, so it is easy to put on and take out. The Givi's only having a stretch strap that you have to put over the top of your head in order to put on, and to take off.
My dream mask would be the Respro City Mask, but it's much more expensive, plus I don't know if there's a seller in Malaysia. If you know any, drop me a line okay. Gotta start saving for it.
Out from home


Arrive office




Ride time




Ave. speed


Max speed




Good doggies




, masked
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a good day!

Friday 2 July 2010

Chainsuck Sucks

This diagram by Jonathan Levy summarises chainsuck. Read the whole article to understand fully.


No, it's not a tounge-twister.
I suffered chainsuck during KLMBH Epic Bash 2010, and to some extent it partially ruined my ride.


Here's my quest for answers:

What actually is chainsuck; what causes it?

What's the effect on the drivetrain (and my pocket?)

How to cure it, and how to avoid it?


Google 'chainsuck', and the top hit is the link to Jonathan Levy's article:

Apparently, his article is being referred to (and some are republished therein) in other links.


The in-depth explanation about chainsuck by Mr. Levy would be a comprehensive read for us to understand all we need to know about chainsuck. It is rather long and refers to a lot of links (necessary to explain relevant terms and mechanisms), but go slow with it and you'll get through at the end of it with "Owhh... so that's why...".


Go here for a much shorter article (with photos!).


Mind you, Mr. Levy's article covers all aspects pertaining to chainsuck. So, have a go about it before you suffer any chainsuck at all.


So, what do I understand about chainsuck?

Well, it's not caused by chain wear, rather by the chainring wear. Inche Panjang was correct, in our short discussion yesterday evening. In my case it's the granny ring, which, as pointed out by Levy, is the usual suspect.

You may experience chainsuck even if the chain is new.

The chainsuck occurs with the presence of mud and grit which adds friction to the chainring – chain interface. Well, there were copious mud and grit during the bash last Sunday, effectively stripping off the lube on my chain.


The mechanism of chainsuck, in the words of Mr. Levy:

When Tooth-Wear, and Low-Stretch (New) Chains, and High Friction (eg Mud) are present in various combinations, they cause the chain-ring's bottom teeth to be loaded or overloaded, and also resist disengagement of the chain. The chain does not have enough weight to disengage itself from the bottom teeth of the chain-ring in these circumstances, nor can the rear-derailleur spring provide enough tension after the chain starts being dragged up. The links are carried around and up the rear of the chain-ring under continuing load ...the chain sucks !!


The cure?

A cheap remedy would be to file the tooth profile of the ring so that the 'hook' is removed thus making the chain disengaged from the ring when it goes past the bottom point.

Or, the granny ring can be reversed as it is usually symmetrical  and flat (without ramps and pins for shifting).

The better remedy (of course) is to get a replacement ring, and it is recommended to change your chain when you do so.


Okay, then, so that's the bit where my pocket (and drivetrain) will be affected.
Thanks for reading.
Hope you gain as much as I do (or better).
Have a great weekend, without any chainsuck.
Meanwhile, have a go at my daughter's favourite tongue-twister:
how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Thursday 1 July 2010

RTW 01.07.2010 - Naza's bike

Didn't have the opportunity yet to clean up my bike, and especially the bike shoes, since Sunday's Epic Bash at Ulu Rening.
Today's my first RTW for the week. Have to make it happen, hence resorted to using Naza's bike. Installed the new ultra-loud Cateye bell (had to take off the shifter's indicator) on the handlebar. It seems that it can only be installed on the left hand side. I fitted also the rear blinker and headlamp. Enough then, for RTW.
Out from the house at 7.09 am and reached the office at 7.45 am. Door-to-door took me 36 minutes this morning. No doggies around. No meter installed on her bike, so no stats for this morning's RTW.
Well, the ride was like the usual RTW, except that with Naza's bike I couldn't really push it. The frame is small, so I have to pull the seatpost up high; and it feels a bit crampy. It has platform pedals so no clipless bliss. Well, that makes for a nice leisurely ride this morning, and going back home too.
Have a good day, and thanks for coming by.