akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Sunday 16 December 2012

Night DH in JB

A: Psst... Psst... Have you heard about it yet?
B: Heard what?
A: DH event in JB.
B: That's normal la bro.
A: This one's different, bhai...
B: How different? Open to fixed-gear only?
A: Yeah, right... Well, this time it's a night DH.
B: OK...
A: And it's gonna be 1km DH trail.
B: When la?
A: 03/2013
B: Where?
A: Seri Alam Bike Park
B: Eh, itu dekat benor dengan rumah Akmal kan?
A: Akmal who?

Bangga aku dok kat Bandar Seri Alam...

Tuesday 11 December 2012

09.12.2012 Sunday Short Ride

It was only about 20km of tarmac and offroad ride with 1½ hour saddle time.
With Ziyad.

We started from my house and pedaled to a mamak restaurant at Suria area for breakfast.

home > Suria > Flora Heights > Fort William > Rodeo > UniKL/MRSM > Bike Park > home

I love the tranquility of the morning's ride on Sunday.
Rolling through the rubber estate, there was a sense of serenity.
The weather was nice, not humid just crisp. And the trail was dry.

There were lots of climbing, especially during the initial ride going to Flora Heights and Fort William.
The payback down FW and Rodeo was really rewarding. Also at the Bike Park although just a short one.

But most of all, was being able to be at home before noon. And not having to wash the bike.

Enjoy your ride!
Thanks for coming over, dude.