akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday 30 June 2010

one less car on the road

I met this bro at Plaza Angsana during the school holiday a few weeks ago. How did I spot him? Easy. He was wearing a (very nice) 24 Hours of Adrenaline t-shirt. Only a mountain biker would wear it.
We talked for a while, and exchanged stories. He was about to go off when he asked me for my phone number. When I mentioned my name to attach to the number that he's going to save in his phone, he was excited and fumbled to recall this blog's title.
Hehe... so another reader I met, Aminudin from Alor Star. You know, it's always a pleasure to meet a reader like yourself in person. Yes, you, who frequently visit this humble writing abode of mine. Every time, it's a catalyst for me to write in here whenever I don't ride, and report about my rides.
Apparently, the writings in here (and Rezdrake's too), converted his contemplation into an inaugural RTW yesterday. Another less car on the road; be it a short or a long commute, be it only for once-a-week affair. Another bike visibly ridden on the road, perhaps would make more people to catch the biking bug. The more people are riding the bike to work, the positive effect would soon take place, in many forms - health, infrastructure & facilities, and the environment. I try to do it only twice in a week, but some people in the office thought that I'm doing it everyday!
Ride safe on the road, and thanks for stopping by in here reading this.
Have a good day!
I'm gonna go to that bundle shop in JB and get the t-shirt too. Cool.
bumper sticker from here

Tuesday 29 June 2010

KLMBH Epic Bash - 27.06.2010

one happy rider

How was the ride?

Well, there are plenty evidence indicating that it was planned, organized and executed with fine details from the beginning up to the bash day. Unfortunately, it was very much scarred by the rain falling the night before.

Me, I have no much fun riding it, compared to last year's bash. But, that doesn't mean that it was not worth the planning, travel and $ spent. I aimed to finish all the sections, but didn't. Only managed to get to Section 2 (Water Point 1) at 23 km mark, and went a bit further towards Section 3. Just a bit further, but headed back to WP1 and took the chicken run for another 6 km back to base.

Why? I suffered chainsuck and minor cramps on the toes by the time I reached WP1, but decided to head to Section 3 and perhaps get back to base after that via chicken run. Mental tiredness added to the combination and made me retreat then get back to base.

This was how it went. At the 8th km I stopped climbing, and was very much reluctant to push the bike uphill for the next 2 km. My legs couldn't take it, plus the chainsuck on the granny which makes the climb difficult.
After the highest point of the bash at 10+ km mark, I was ready to go downhill. Unfortunately, the trail condition didn't permit so. It was muddy and all I did was skidding and went down without much control. Downhill with no brakes applied, but the bike just wouldn't move. Combination of loose bamboo leaves and mud clogged the bike both at the fork crown and rearstays. That happened so many times, and I finally gave up with it and hike the bike down.

Then there was the river crossing; I stripped away the mud clog and took out the sands in my socks so as not to suffer blister later on. Moved on, and soon I reached Section 1. The treat of a sweet singletrack right after Section 1 was awesome. That's the highlight of the ride for me.

Rode to Section 2 cum Water Point 1 along with EG and Kadafi. A few stops, for EG suffered heavy cramps. Finally we reached Section 2 (WP1) at about 1.15 pm. That's past the cutoff time already, but we were allowed to go through to the next one. Replenished my water bottle with plain water only, because Hammer Heed was already drained by then. After a banana and few short gulps of water, Kadafi and I ventured towards Section 3. Chainsuck and mental tiredness marred my hope of getting there, so I trod back to WP1 while Kadafi went on.

I know that I'm ahead of many other friends, so I just sat there and rested while waiting for them. Reza and Iyan came by, together with BC Kelolo and Shahrul too. EG went to the stream nearby and washed his bike there. I don't know what time it was when we headed back to Restoran Al Salma where we started our bash.

We were greeted by a lucky draw ballot box, and there's the other high point of my epic bash this year - I won a single Maxxis Aspen foldable tyre sponsored by GH Speedworks (a visit to the Spesh boutique later on confirmed that the retail of the tyre is RM99). Secured the bike on top of Reza's Myvi, and headed back to the restaurant to join Pasir Gudang gang for a heap of biryani and a Coke.

Well, that's my Epic Bash for this year. Not as good as the last year's. But then again, I'm only a guest for their event, and I know that the hares had worked so hard to make it happen (for instance, notice the long paper printed with KLMBH?). Most people would blame it on the weather, but for me it's a combination of many things. My bike condition, my health condition (I caught fever on the way to KL), and the trail condition makes such outcome. Many would agree though, that should it not rained the night before, the trail would be much different - enjoyable. Kudos to the hares and everyone involved in the bash.

I had a few agendas going up to KL, and all of them were fulfilled except of course one, finishing the Epic. I'm happy with the travel, I would say.
COD Umar's babyseat from Kiat in Segambut - check.
Join the Epic Bash - check; but DNF. Got myself a free tyre from lucky draw - that's a bonus cum consolation.
Meet friends at the bash - check.
COD RiBMo tyres from Fazil in Wangsa Maju (changed venue to Spesh boutique later on) - check.
Visit Spesh boutique in Damansara - check.

If you were there at the bash, how was your ride?
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a nice day.

More phots from klmbh website,
and Reza's album on Facebook.

Thursday 24 June 2010

RTW: traffic lights - know the sequence

do we have this in Malaysia?
In a form 3 Bahasa Malaysia class (that's a very, very long time ago), a fellow classmate chipped in a possibly the most creative line I have ever heard in response to the teacher's request for us to pen a poem about 'The City':
vehicles are controlled by lights
True enough, we (civilised lot who do abide) would stop at the traffic light when it's red, and go when it's green. I'll leave to your own interpretation for yellow; but for me it depends on the situation whether it's a 'slow down and ready to stop' or 'you still have time to beat the red light'.
I've mentioned yesterday that the stops at traffic lights affect your flow. Thus, it is important for us to know (and remember) the flow sequence at the traffic lights that we frequently come across. It ensures not only a good flow for our ride, but also our safety.
The sequence usually doesn't change; hence we can anticipate how long the time that we have for a rest when it's red while waiting for it to change to green.
There's also a timing for the lights to change, but not necessary for us to keep track of it. Enough with being aware that the green light on the other side has changed to yellow, thus signalling for us to get ready for our green light to glow.
Knowing the sequence of light change dictates how much power we need to exert if we anticipate that we could make it through. It's also a big help in deciding whether to lower the gear before reaching the stop to ensure a lighter start afterwards; or to stay with the big ring and get across with steady speed.
Above all, however, do be careful when crossing even when the light is green, for there are always uncivilised idiots running around ramming the red light. Perhaps they're being optimistic thinking 'I still have time to beat the red light' although circumstances are not permitting.
To some, still, they're not bound by the rule of the light. Perhaps plainly color blind?
Ride safe.
Have a good day!
...kenderaan dikawal oleh lampu

Wednesday 23 June 2010

RTW 22.06.2010 - 24.7 on knobbies

Following the 26 km/h average speed that I hit last Thu, I intended to see how far I could push with *knobbies.
After the offroad ride in Seri Alam on Sunday, I finally took some time to clean (yes, wash) the bike so that it'll look nice in the house and perhaps shave off some weight. I have already saved a few hundred grams for having the frame unpainted, by the way (only realised about this yesterday evening). Anyway, a clean bike and properly lubed drivetrain are ingredients of a joyful ride. No annoying squeaks, just smooth pedaling.
I left the knobbies intact, foreseeing that I need the resistance for my RTW as a way to train for this weekend's KLMBH Epic Bash in the Ulus (Rening, Tamu) - Ampang Pecah - Batang Kali. 
Again, I set my meter to show the average speed on the display. I set in my heart to have at least 25 km/h average speed that morning.
Right from the word Go! (just a whisper in my heart), I pushed as hard as I can, trying not to rest. All the way I tried not to exert too much in order to avoid my heartbeat drumming so fast. Whenever the urge to coast seeps in, I battled my mental with this question: "you would like to write it as 'I did not rest', do you?".
That worked, and I did not rest.
Okay, I did, but that was while waiting for the traffic light so that doesn't count.
Another crucial point in getting your average speed to be high is having a constant ride. The stops at traffic lights impede the registered speed because you have to slow down to stop, and you'll have a slow restart. In my case that morning, I had to stop at two traffic lights. Luckily the third one after the downhill at Taman Mawar I was greeted with sweet green lights. Couple the high speed rolling and a flat quarter mile, that makes a big average speed gain to offset the losses.
I reached office after 34 minutes of hard training. That's the fastest on knobbies I have logged so far.
I didn't reach my target, but oh yes, the feeling's great.
Will report in here when I reach 25 km/h on knobbies, insyaAllah.
Out from home


Arrive office




Ride time




Ave. speed


Max speed




Good doggies




,road route
*knobbies = Kenda Nevegal 26/2.1 Stick-E wirebead (front and rear)
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a good day!
photo credit: Kenda USA

Tuesday 15 June 2010

KLMBH Epic Bash 2010

When: Sunday 27th June 2010
Time: Starting from 0700 hours (signing in)
Where: Ulu Rening - Ulu Tamu - Ampang Pecah - Batang Kali
Shahrul texted me yesterday, asking if I'd like to register for the ride together with him and others. I didn't immediately jump to a 'yes'. However, I asked him to carry on and include my name as well.
And just now when I checked the 2010 Epic's registration list, my name's up there, number 120 - together with Shahrul, Kadafi, EG and Am. I see Kelolo's name, too. Dino told me that he'll be helping out for the bash, so he won't be riding.
This year's epic bash is different from last year's - at least for me. I admit that I don't have the same enthusiasm as before. I don't know why. Lack of training, perhaps.
The organisers are making it different from last year's by way of having Nutrition Stations (sponsored by Hammer Nutrition) with bananas too. Also, there'll be lucky draw with prizes from Specialized and Maxxis (tires) and GoPro Helmet Hero camera from FunSportz. Oh, and the reg fee for guests is also hiked up a bit to RM20 (early regs). Not a bad thing, though.
Anyway, the venue is the same as last year's. I like the place very much. This time around, it'll be a focused ride for me, and I'm making it a point to complete the course. 50 km is not a short one especially with pretty sizable ascent thrown in. At least it would condition my body for the next one - 50 km in Batu Pahat.
Okay, gonna reinstall those knobbies back. Enough of slicks time.

Info and poster taken from KLMBH forum page

RTW 14.06.2010 - edisi cuti sekolah

Ini cerita pagi semalam, Isnin 14 Jun 2010.
Bangun pagi, mandi, capai jersi (itu yang ternampak, antara timbunan baju kering di atas lantai), solat subuh.
Pastu takde pikir-pikir panjang (jersi pun dah tersarung), aku pasang niat terus nak kayuh ke ofis pagi ni.
Gedebuk gedebak, 7:08 pagi aku keluar dari rumah. Tak seawal yang dikehendaki, tapi tak juga lambat.
Nyaman! Itulah yang aku rasa sebaik berkayuh dalam 100 meter pertama. Mana taknya, dah siap mandi pagi tadi. Lepas tu kat badan pulak takde bag tersangkut kat belakang. Dah tu aku putuskan untuk berkayuh santai pagi ni. Kalau nak kirakan, masa cuma cukup2 aje untuk sampai ke pejabat. Takpe lah, aku nak nikmati kayuhan pagi ini.
Tak laju; sebab tiada apa nak dikejar. Disebabkan masih lagi cuti sekolah, jalan pun agak lengang dari biasa. Mungkin juga ada yang sambung bercuti dari hujung minggu. Mungkin juga ramai yang bercadang nak ambik cuti separuh hari dek terlajak tidur gara-gara bersengkang mata demi Piala Dunia awal-awal pagi tadi.
Aku melalui jalan besar sepenuhnya pagi ini, tiada jalan pintas diambil. Sampai di pejabat 7:42 pagi. Hmmm... laju juga rupanya. 34 minit kayuhan santai, walaupun jarak kayuhan lebih dari biasa. Mungkin kerana laluan yang tiada banyak berbelok (dan tiada berbukit).
Esok, bagaimana? Kayuh lagi? Tak tahu lagi, kena tengok firasat awal pagi esok. Syok juga layan nyaman dan hening pagi. Kalau dapat keluar lebih awal, lagi cun.
Stats today:
Out from home


Arrive office




Ride time




Ave. speed


Max speed




Good doggies




,road route
Terima kasih sudi berkunjung.
Nota kaki: pagi ini ke pejabat berkereta. Esok, mungkin berbasikal lagi, insyaAllah... Jom!

Wednesday 9 June 2010

06.06.2010 - Green Cycle II Offroad

Ada seorang bos kat ofis pernah bertanya, "Kau selalu naik basikal kat mana?". Lantas aku jawab, "Offroad, banyak tempat jugak dah; kat KL pun ada jugak". Kehairanan, dia bertanya lagi "KL? KL ada hutan? Kau biar benar. Hutan batu kot."
Ada yang tak tahu rupanya, KL ada beberapa 'hot spots' untuk pencinta mtb dan juga penggiat rekreasi hutan. FRIM di Kepong salah satu darinya. Dan, sebab aku cuma sempat pergi ke FRIM aje setakat ni, maka ianya antara salah satu lokasi kayuhan feberet aku.
Hujung minggu lepas aku naik ke KL, angkut satu famili sempena cuti sekolah. Pagi-pagi hari Ahad sementara diorang sedap tidur, aku dah keluar menuju ke Kepong untuk kayuhan mini jambori Green Cycle II 2010.
Hajat tercapai akhirnya, untuk kembali berkayuh di FRIM setelah sekian lama. Kali ini lebih menarik, sebab rupanya penganjur dah sediakan laluan yang baeekkk punya. Banyak trail yang aku tak pernah tempuh. Maka, jadinya sebagai pengenalan jugak lah, walaupun agak kurang sesuai bagi aku, pasal terpaksa nak tempuh semuanya dalam satu sesi.
Jarak kayuhan cuma 27km (ikut meter aku lah), tapi mak aii... punya la teruk. Bukit punya lah banyak. Steroid dah memang ada dalam menu sajian lah. Yang tak tahan tu, nak kena pikul basikal naik ke kepala Pacat Trail selepas dakian jalan tar. Jangankan nak berkayuh ke atas tu, nak cari tapak untuk berpijak yang sesuai pun susah. Apa tidaknya, denai dakian licin dan curam. Maklumlah, aku rasa aku kelompok yang di belakang. Kenapa? Sebab aku antara yang lambat memulakan kayuhan pagi tu. Satu, sebab aku datang lambat (dalam lima minit jugaklah). Satu lagi, urusetia dok ding-dong sana sini bila aku bertanyakan pasal plet nombor aku. Tapi tak kisah, sebab aku masuk kayuhan bukan nak berlumba.
Sayangnya aku tak bawa kamera bersama. Memang dah niat tak nak dibawa sebab nak fokus pada kayuhan, dan cuba untuk menikmati keindahan hutan dengan pancaindera sahaja. Ternyata tidak menghampakan. Mata, telinga dan hidung dihidang dengan pelbagai panorama; kicauan burung dan cengkerik hutan senantiasa mengiringi kayuhan. Kesegaran hutan amat terasa, terutama di altitud yang tinggi selepas didaki dengan kederat kaki setelah rasa penat nak mampos.
Gila babas, entah berapa banyak bukit yang diorang masukkan dalam laluan kayuhan. Seingat aku: Steroid, Bukit Putus, jalan tar ke tangki air menuju Pacat Trail, Bukit Hari dan bukit-bukit lain yang aku tak tahu namanya. Nasib baik depa tak masukkan sekali Helipad. Tapi, agak terubat juga lah; mujur aku beranikan diri menuruni curam di permulaan Pacat Trail. Dan, aku rasa max speed tercatat pada meter masa aku turun 'no brakes' selepas Bukit Hari, dan jugak crusher runs pada Diplomatic Trail. Kelajuan tertinggi: 42 km/j. Kira boleh la tu.
Alhamdulillah, aku dapat tamatkan kayuhan walaupun ambik masa agak lama jugak lah. Mula kayuh 8.05 pagi, sampai ke padang tempat mula/akhir kayuhan dalam 12:30 tengahari - 4 setengah jam tu... Aku dapat tempat ke 220 dari entah berapa ratus tah. Keseluruhannya aku puas hati lah. Biasa lah, setiap penganjuran tu ada yang baik ada yang buruk. Aku salut dengan trail marking untuk ride ni. Dan marshall senantiasa ada kat tempat2 strategik. Ramai awek pulak tu, aku yakin ramai rider tak terasa penat, malah bersemangat...
Dist: 26.8 km
Time: 2h 36m 18s (ha! 2 jam lagi pikul beskal dan melepak)
Avg: 10.2 km/h
Max: 42.0 km/h
Maaf, tiada gambar di ambil. Try tengok kat Cycling Asia ka, Cycling Malaysia ka, insyaAllah ada. Aku sempat posing beberapa kali masa orang ramai dok sebok snap gambar.
Lepas ni kita kayuh kat hutan-hutan lain di KL iye...
KDCF (Joe, Dino: be my guide please)
Bukit Kiara


Agak-agak, kat tanah UK depa eja Specialised ka, Specialized kah?

Friday 4 June 2010

Ready for the Ride

I'm travelling to KL tomorrow morning insyaAllah for the 6.6.2010 Green Cycle II ride in FRIM, Kepong.

From the organizer's page, the registered participants are now 338. Minus two (at least). Number 333 is registered under 'MERIDA' for the plate number only, and Shahrul (301) told me he's entertaining his parents coming up to KL.

Quite a good mix. There are folks from Perlis, Johor (ehm ehm), Pahang, Perak, while mostly are from Selangor and Klang Valley.

Hope that my so-called training through RTW would ensure me finishing the course in a good time. Not racing, though. I just want to soak the atmosphere and enjoy my ride in FRIM.

Just that I'm not sure how to do it among 336 fellow registered riders (max).

Oh, and the t-shirt's design is cooool.

t-shirt graphics taken from the organizer's page

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Bike To Work - full 98 pages

I've mentioned (or put up links) about the book some time ago. That was the 50 page only sampler edition. Now, it is available in the full 98 pages digital edition online at issuu.com.

Hats off to Carlton Reid for the excellently written book (apart of making it available for free).

Get yours here.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a good day!

Tuesday 1 June 2010

RTW 01.06.2010 - crumpled shirt

I have all the riding gears ready the night before (well, it was actually 1:00 am, technically the same day).

Headed out with a clean bike (from Saturday morning wash), nicely lubed chains, and backpack full to the brim I was a bit worried the zippers would give out exposing the contents. An afterthought: well, that would make a good excuse for a nice new bag...

I went home yesterday wearing the work shoes, forgot to leave them at the office. So I had to bring them in my backpack, together with my nicely ironed shirt (and rolled to minimise crease - a tip from Azizan CF). I had to stuff in the breakfast packed in a square Tupperware too.

As a result, my shirt got crumpled when I took it out from the bag before heading to the shower at the office. I didn't really mind, actually. They're not noticeable, unless if there's some nosy fashion police around. Note to self: never bring cotton shirts in the bag, only 'easy iron' ones.

Yes, I have the Ibera PakRak. I did not use it purposely (at least not this week) because I'm training for the upcoming ride in FRIM this weekend (insyaAllah). So that's why I'm riding full knobbies with backpack. As I cranked the first few meters, I realised that the rear tire is a bit low on pressure. Nevermind then, perfect for a maximum torture this morning.

Oh man, I almost forgot that I have to bring back home with me a pair of sandals.

Stats today:
Out from home
Arrive office
Ride time
Distance12.48 km
Ave. speed21.5 km/h
Max speed41.0 km/h
Odometer4207.5 km
Modefull bag,  knobbies

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a good day!

RTW 27.05.2010 - more photos added

I've added few more photos, starting from here. Photos taken on my way back home, using a different route.

From the Pasir Gudang interchange, I went towards Kg. Pasir Gudang Baru. Thereon, crossed Sungai Masai on a narrow bridge near the jetty. Passed by Taman Rinting, Taman Bukit Rinting, Taman Megah Ria and up towards Seri Alam interchange. Quite straightforward, but a bit hilly.

It was drizzling that evening. The next day, Friday, is a public holiday (Wesak Day). Meaning, it's the beginning of a 3-day weekend. Fuse them all together and you get a nice, long bumper-to-bumper along Pasir Gudang Highway towards Johor Bahru. Aahh... the usual.

I'm blessed to be able to ride a bicycle to work (and back) that day.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a good day.