akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 16 December 2014

14.12.2014: Umar Rides!

Umar rides!
Two weeks ago Umar asked me to take out the training wheels on his bike. Perhaps spurred by how his cousin Ainin could swiftly cycle on two wheels, as he witnessed during our short visit to her kampung. And so I obliged, and more. I took out the pedals as well and lowered the saddle, et voila, it transformed into a cheap balance bike. However he was not that keen to practice.
Anyway, the setup did not last long as he insisted to have the pedals put back on (perhaps to him like any bike should be). Last night while everyone in the house were cycling outside, with pedals reinstated he relentlessly practiced balancing and pedaling at the same time.

The major obstacle that he's struggling to get over with was looking down to locate the pedals. Not having the eyes looking forward resulted in him losing his balance and automatically bringing down his legs down to support for a fall. No matter how many times I tell him to keep his eyes looking forward, he kept on looking down at the pedals.

However, he was relentless and one who does not easily give up. I thought he would eventually as his leg should've felt tired from repeated cranking, stopping, repositioning on the pedal and supporting from falls. There's not a single sign of frustration, only a display of steely determination to get it right.

It was already midnight when I called everyone to get in the house. By this time, Umar was still not getting the hang of it yet. He refused to stop until I promised him that we would continue the next day. Judging from his determination, Umar would pretty soon cycle on his own very, very soon.

struggling with eyes and feet
Today evening I took Umar to a back road nearby our housing area for him to continue his practice. He was still struggling a bit with his feet kinestesis.

Perhaps learning bit by bit after so many attempts, he eventually got it. He could locate the pedals without looking, kept his feet on them and completed several cycles of cranking along a straight path on the road; with eyes looking forward. Check out the videos below.
showing commemorative scars from inevitable falls

And so, Umar finally got the hang of it - both balancing and pedaling. All by himself, being persistent and relentlessly keeping himself on it. And perhaps most importantly, not being frustrated of failed attempts.
fall and rise

Umar's first ride

"saya dah pandai...", says he to kakak and abang