akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Saturday 26 February 2011

Pedal Thru - Paul Santoleri

Pedal Thru
I learnt about this from Momentum Issue #41.
Great art by Paul Santoleri, assisted by Kim Alsbrooks, et. al.
Located at 2nd & Spring Garden in Philly.
A few links on more photos here:
image above is by Vincent J. Brown.

Friday 25 February 2011

Event: Giant UTM MTB Quest 2011

Date: 8 - 10th April 2011 (ride is on the 10th)
Type: jamboree with prizes (weird, huh?)
Registration fee: RM50 before 12th March, RM70 thereafter
Registration forms: individual | team
According to a friend in BBS chatbox (organizer insider), the event is 'jamboree with prizes'. On the event's website (blog), there are cash prizes for top ten riders in each of riding categories. That's a total of RM12,150.00. Twelve thousand, one hundred and fifty ringgit to be shared among 50 fastest riders of the day, in their respective categories. Oh, my... It is a race.

Categories are split according to age. That makes me having to ride amongst 'Masters'. As if I am one. Oh, there are medals for the top 30 winners too.

i. Under 18
ii. Men Elite (19 to 29 years old)
iii. Men Master (30 to 39 years old)
iv. Men Senior Master (40 years old and above)
v. Women Open

Well, I'm in it for the jersey, and to support local events around JB (yes, in that order) - if I have the time and $, will try my best to support mtb events around JB. There's no indication that there'll be lucky draw, though. Too bad, for it makes the event look like more of a race rather than an mtb jamboree. However, my insider told me that there'll be lucky draw. Guess we'll just wait and see about that.

There's another event taking place on the same day in Yong Peng. My choice is clear - I'm going to UTM, insyaAllah. It's closer to home, and I'll have an excellent blue/white jersey with 'Giant' printed on it along with a goodie bag. Besides, I have enough water bottles for now. Not sure what I'm going to do with the certificate, though.

The registration form asked for 'your best closed-up picture', to be included in their e-book. Cool! That's a first, rather unique move I might say. Definitely not going to send them this one.

So what's my definition of an mtb jamboree? That'll be another post for another time, Jack.

You gonna be there? See ya, insyaAllah.
Take care, and ride safe.
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Review: NiteIze SpokeLit

This item is neat and simple. Lightweight, too, and ready to be used right after you install it - battery is included. Plus, no tools required to install it onto your wheelset.
SpokeLit - shoved between my wheel spokes
Installation is a bit challenging although no tools required, and it is only suitable to 3-cross spoke wheels with normal spokes (14/15 gauge). It's a bit hard to get the spoke snugged into the groove on the SpokeLit. That being said, it is equally hard for the unit to come out from the wheel once set and slid further out from the hub towards the rim for increased holding. Definitely not for wheels with blade spokes, or the likes of Xero Element wheelsets. Make sure you have the right kind of wheelset (and spokes) in order to use this. Recommended for 32- or 36-spokes wheels.

lighted - static 
The lighting mode is continuous (press once), blinking (press twice) and off (third pressing). There's no special button on the body, just press on the middle of the unit's battery cover and it will lit. The body is translucent plastic, so the light coming out from the tiny LED is spread to the whole unit, effectively making it lit up; visible from either sides of the wheel.

 My unit is with red LED, suitable for use on the road in lieu of passive wheelset reflectors. When the wheel is spinning, you'll get a nice ring-of-light effect. Not highly visible from the rear or front of the bicycle, though, but definitely eye catching from the sides of the bike. I get 'whoa!'s from children on the roadside whenever I pass them by especially during night commute (adults would admire, too, but I know they'd suppress their awe).

spinnin' around
Put it on your front wheel, and I would dare say that you'd also be glimpsing at your front wheel every 5 seconds to enjoy the glow.

I haven't tested it for waterproofness, i.e. direct spray, but after a few rides in the rain (and mud splats), the unit is still working. Thus, no worries in that department. The battery/LED/PCB dome cover which doubles up as the unit's on/blink/off switch looks the part in ensuring protection against water ingress.

It has high quality finish, and feel. Usage is perfect for night and dawn rides. My only gripe is on the installation bit. However, that also ensures that the unit won't fall of the wheel and lost along the roads. For that, I can still accept as it's a given.

Further reference:
NiteIze page on SpokeLit

SpokeLit is available locally through Gear 'n' Gadget.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Review: NiteIze LED Sport Vest

I received this for review last year, on Christmas Eve. Okay, that's not too long ago. Anyway, I've started using it for riding back from the office, whenever it's already dark out. Also for RTW when I'm early out while it's still relatively dark in the morning.

I was a bit reluctant to wear this at first, for it would be overkill with all the blinkers and reflectors that I already have on my bike, bag and right ankle. Well, in the interest of personal safety, I put it on and lit up the rear LED (continuous mode).

Of course, I myself can't tell if I'm highly visible on the roads at night. A friend passed me by in his car and commented that I was, due to the vest. So, in terms of being visible, it does the job.

It is lightweight, and airy due to mesh material used. The vest is adjustable on the waist with velcro continuing from elastic strap on left and right; within reach as they are on the front. There's a velcro fastener on the right shoulder. Combined with the front fasteners it makes wearing the vest is easy even when helmet is worn, or over a slim hydration pack. Be careful with the velcro fastener for it would catch the mesh and make it ruffled.

The red LED blinkers are of high quality, located on the left hand side, front and back. The LED is connected to a clear strip, effectively making the whole strip lit up, from the power supplied by a coin sized battery (included).

There are 2 modes: continuous and blinking. Press once for continuous, again for blinking, and the third would switch it off. If you're not using the blinkers (during the day) the fluorescent orange strips housing the LED strips are still visible from afar.

There are 2 strips of 3M Scotchlite reflectors, a bit higher from the waist, front and back across. The location of the reflectors is spot on. On the belly, it is visible from the front; if it's placed on the waist it would be hidden due to the riding position. At the back, it is not too far up either.

However, due to the traffic flow in Malaysia being on the left hand side, the postion of the LED strips would be better if it's on the right hand side. Well, this vest is imported from the US, so that's a compromise. I get around this by switching the vest's back side front. This makes the adjustment a bit difficult because I have to reach my hand to the back. The velcro on the shoulder helps a great deal when I just have to slip the vest from the top (sides already adjusted), past the helmet and just fasten the shoulder velcro.

If I could wish for an improvement, the front blinker should be white, while the rear blinker red. As it is, I switch on only the rear blinker wile leaving the front's switched off.

coiled and stashed under bungee cord on my commuter bag
Batteries are provided, the vest ready to be used the moment I took it out from the strikingly high quality packaging. Easily coiled (guided by the LED strips) and stash it inside my bag with minimal space required, or strapped under bungee cords on top of my commuter bag.

Overall it is a serious item for a serious commuter. At a glance, and further inspected, it boasts of high quality in material and make. Good for night (and dawn) rides, especially on busy roads.

Lightweight and airy
High quality material and make
Adjustable, with velcro on shoulder
High visibility (LED, reflective strip, neon strip)
Ready to use with batteries provided

Improvement suggestion:
LED strips to be located on right hand side
Front LED to be white, not red

Available locally through Gear n Gadget.

biker and product image from NiteIze website

Monday 14 February 2011

JPJ: no plans to allow electric bicycles on roads

I read this yesterday in Utusan Malaysia, and saw the headline the night before that on telly.
JPJ's Director-General stated that cycle lanes are limited to certain areas like housing areas and recreational parks, but didn't mention on anything that would be music to commuters' ears like "we'll address this by having dedicated cycle lanes all over the country".
Well, so much for going green. I'm hoping for the better, still.

RTW 11.02.2011 - Trance in da House

...in the pantry, to be exact
The RTW Machine was left to rest at home, mainly because I didn't detach the baby carrier from the previous evening's ride with Umar to the playground. Adding to that, time was not on my side (ok, you can read it as 'late').
So I took the ever ready, clean and gleamy Trance to the office for its maiden RTW ride. Well, still I had to take a few minutes to prep it up. Pumped up the tires to 50 psi, set the meter (Mity 8 has dual tire size setting capability), perched the lights front and rear.
The usual bumpy ride on the yellow strips on tarmac was smoothen out, and the same effect on the gravel section from U-Five Taman Rinting towards Kg. Pasir Gudang Baru. Pure bliss. However, I had to spin and crank hard all the way to beat the time. As a result, I clocked in at 0744 hours, after 26 minutes of hard riding; and close to 25 km/h average speed. Whew!
Note that my odometer is now reaching 6445.8 km after the morning's RTW. I started the year with 5943.9 km reading. That's 501.9 km of riding already, totaling up from RTWs, offroads and night rides. Nice... I like...
Stats today:
Out from home


Arrive office




Ride time

24' 58"



Ave. speed


Max speed




Good doggies



tesco + L route

 Trance, knobbies, camelbak
Have a good day, y'all. Ride safe.
Thanks for coming over.

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Review: Sub-Skin Heat Gear Compression Baselayer

not headless me!
I bought through BBS a long sleeve compression baselayer close to a couple of months ago, and have used it for offroad rides, night rides and RTW. In the swimming pool, too. You may have seen athletes wearing them for quite some time now, e.g. footballers in the English Premier League and Major League Baseball players. There are many brands available in the market, including Nike, Adidas, Canterbury, Skins, Zensah, Sub-Skin, Under Armour, etc. Google up 'compression clothing' or 'baselayer', and they'll pop out.
The one that I bought is Sub-Skin Heat Gear. That's the cheapest long sleeve I could find, at RM100 postage included. If you're lucky, you could pick up some (other brands) from bundle shops at dirt cheap price, as one of my fellow riders did.
What made me use it? A friend of mine suggested for me to try it, as a friend of his who studies sports science recommended so. The main benefit cited was regulation of body heat. The other benefit is that the one I bought is UV resistant, hence I don't have to lather up my arms with sunscreen (lazy!).
Compression baselayers have been touted as assisting in reducing fatigue, quick recovery, and getting more power from the muscle. However, those are not included in my reasons of donning the technical garment. In fact, I don't really feel any noticeable difference in those aspects, compared to wearing normal loose jerseys.
The one that I bought has anti-bacterial properties. As a result, it's not smelly after being soaked with my sweat from the riding. More importantly, I'm not smelly. It is not of branded technical cloth like X-static on one of my Brooks jerseys, but still it works fine.
Yes, I do feel cool when I don the tight fitting garment, with a normal loose jersey on top of it. That's because the material is thin so I need some sort of protection for the cloth itself, primarily; not because I don't have a six pack on my midsection, mind you. Ahem.
If you're unsure about the right size for you, furnish the seller your weight and height. He'll sort it out for you. In my case (170cm, 70kg), he recommended using M size and it is spot on. Not too tight, not loosey either.
It's counter-intuitive to wear a tight clothing when the weather is hot, but it works amazingly. This is because the thin layer of the cloth wicks away sweat from the skin thus giving the cooling effect. While having a break and idling around, I don't feel cool but it's not warm either. When getting back on the bike and as soon as I started moving, I feel the breezy cooling effect on my body.
During night rides, it doesn't make me feel too cold either. It's like it is regulating my body temperature. Like I mentioned, not cold, but not warm either. The cool, breezy feel is there, but not like it would chill my spine out. For my RTW, it felt quite cold at first when the body is dry, but then the temperature regulation takes place once I sweat out. Arrive at the office feeling cooler than without. Swimming? Yes, I wore it solely because I'm lazy to lather sunblock on my body. Also, it serves as a skinny bagging to cover up my midsection (ha!). Initially it is cold during the shower up and dipping into the swimming pool, but after a few minutes, its okay and I feel normal.
Is it a good buy? Indeed, for the things that I'm looking for, it works great. If it does assist in faster recovery, reducing fatigue and juicing up power from the muscle, then those are bonuses for me.
One thing, though. The seller informed that the cloth should not be washed using washing machine, hand wash only. I see that the instruction states not to wring it. Me? I'm lazy. In the machine it went. So far, it's coming out ok. Well, so far...
image from Sub-Skin's ad in BBS.

Monday 7 February 2011

06.02.2011 - Seri Alam Offroad: Kayuh-kayuh Cari Jalan

menenangkan (di Seri Alam, bukan Tenang)
SMS pada Panjang, katanya ada berkayuh seperti biasa. Cuma dia tak bagitau yang pengayuh tak ramai. Aku berkayuh dari rumah tak macam biasa ke Taman Scientex   biasanya santai, tapi sebab dah lambat, aku berlaju-laju siket.
Yang ada kat Ruza pagi tu tengah makan cuma Panjang, Reza dan Atuk. Hampeh... Tapi takpe, sekurang-kurangnya aku boleh bersarapan dengan selesa tak tergopoh-gopoh. 8.50 pagi, cuma kami bertiga berkayuh. Atuk tak turut serta, baru balik dari kerja syif malam. Hmm... rasanya ramai tak turun sebab tak sempat beli pelapik brek kot, penangan berkayuh di Adela minggu lepas.
Molek juga, maka kayuhan adalah berformat santai, dan mencari laluan yang belum pernah ditempuh. Aku? Misi aku untuk menguji kebolehan Trance. 13km beberapa hari lepas belum cukup untuk mengenal karakternya. Lantas, cadangan Panjang untuk menyelongkar denai yang belum ditempuh aku susuli dengan anggukan setuju.
Hasil dari hujan yang tak henti-henti sepanjang minggu lepas, lanskap alam berubah mengikut lumrah. Ada gelinciran tanah di satu kawasan, mendedahkan seni alam. Aku cukup kagum dengan ukiran dari aliran air yang membentuk lentok dan pusar di situ. Lama juga kami di situ melihat-lihat.
Ada beberapa juga pokok tumbang kami temui di sepanjang denai yang dilalui. Memaksa ubahan haluan. Yang agak menghampakan ialah apabila terlihat sebuah jejantas kini tidak lagi menghubungkan jalan. Memaksa lagi ubahan haluan, sesuai dengan format kayuhan. Sesi fotografi dan menikmati keindahan alam pun iye juga...
Daripada beberapa singletrack yang kami tempuhi, ada satu lingkungan yang aku sangat suka. Omputeh kata flowy technical singletrack descent. Taklah teknikal sangat pun, tapi memang flowy. Best!
Rantai aku putus semasa dalam perjalanan (pengayuhan) pulang. Dapatlah Panjang & Reza berehat lama sikit.
Dan aku pun dapatlah akhirnya menggunakan pemutus rantai dari multi-tool Topeak. Ternyata mudah menggunakannya. Sangatlah sukanya aku.
Trance? Aku terasa berkayuh dengan lebih seronok. Meluncur laju menarah ke atas bukit. Tak berapa gusar dengan bonggolan dan lubang di sepanjang jalan. Cuma memang sifat aku berkayuh, turun downhill memang lembab. Reza dengan hardtailnya dok cucuk aku masa menuruni Badminton. Siut...
gambar yang sempat diambil di sini.

Raksasa Berekor Lembut - Kayuhan Pertama

seksi, bukan?
Seharian juga aku menyiapkannya, sebab memang santai sahaja (dan dibantu Umar, aprentis yang setia, sebaik sahaja dia bangun dari tidur. Banyak masa diambil kerana hos kabel penukar gear harus dibuat baru. Alhamdulillah, tiada kecederaan dompet mahupun anggota badan berlaku.
Tak banyak benda yang baru pada basikal ini, melainkan kerangka, handlebar dan batang pelananya sahaja. Selebihnya diambil dari Hollowpoint, dan FD dari Yukon. Tapi rasanya macam BB perlu ditukar baru. Kalau dapat warna merah atau biru anodised, cantik juga... Dah alang-alang menukar tu kan...
Kayuhan 13km untuk menguji kebolehan, kekurangan dan keistimewaan. Juga untuk menala dengan lebih baik untuk kayuhan yang optimum.
Batang pelana aku letak pada mulanya 4cm lebih rendah dari sepatutnya, maka kayuhan terasa sangat memenatkan. Pabila dianjak tinggi sedikit demi sedikit, kayuhan semakin selesa.
Geometri kerangka rasa serasi, tidak pelik. Ada terasa seperti t-bolt juga terkadang, cuma tiada pedal bobbing. Aku masih lagi menyesuaikan diri dengan sudut headtube 69.5° yang agak condong berbanding kerangka XC 71°. Apapun, aku tak berasa kekok.
Agak memenatkan. Mungkin kerana berat? Berat keseluruhan binaan adalah lebih kurang 13 kg (ditimbang dengan bathroom scale sahaja). Tapi rasanya tidak, kerana Hollowpoint berserta Ibera Pakrak beratnya juga lebih kurang begitu. Tepat tekaanku, tayar depan dan belakang yang terlalu lembik (25 psi) membuatkan kayuhan terasa lembab dan memenatkan. 30-35 psi adalah lebih selesa, sambil memberikan cengkaman yang memadai.
Aku dapat berkayuh lebih selesa dengan kurang rasa sakit di bahagian belakang. Bonggolan dan lubang kecil sepanjang jalan datar diserap hentakannya. Tiada lagi terlambung-lambung.
Aku terpaksa menganjak ke hadapan sedikit di atas pelana untuk menyeimbangkan kedudukan badan. Mungkin kerana sudut batang pelana 73.5° yang membuatkan ia sebegitu.
Setelah semakin agak serasi dengan sifat geometrinya, memanjat bukit terasa sedikit lebih sedap berbanding biasa. Ini aku akui, dan sama seperti yang diperkatakan oleh pengguna sistem suspensi Maestro yang lain (Anthem, Trance).
Tentunya terasa lebih sedap, habis semua lubang dan bonggolan aku ratah sebolehnya. Tetapi, tetap tak laju, sebab memang aku tak berapa mahir bab downhill ni. Yang ketara, aku rasa lebih selesa dan yang pentingnya, lebih yakin. Seronok? Semestinya. Menurun bukit sambil tersenyum lebar.
Secara am, keseluruhannya tiada apa yang aku tidak suka. Cuma perlu ambil sedikit masa untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan geometrinya. Setakat ini masih lagi berhati-hati, terutamanya ketika di bahagian yang memerlukan kawalan teknikal di bahagian hadapan.
Satu perkara yang penting untuk dicatat di sini ialah FD untuk kerangka ini perlu menggunakan jenis low clamp, terpasang pada bahagian bawah seattube. Ini kerana FD high clamp akan berkedudukan di bahagian berliuk pada bahagian tengah seattube dan akan membuatkan sudutnya tersasar pada crankset. Nasib baik ada FD low clamp pada Giant Yukon sebagai penyelamat.
sedikit gambar di sini.

Friday 4 February 2011

30.01.2011 - GA MTB Ride 2011

lemak berkrim
Memang ditunggu-tunggu acara ini. Pertamanya sebab tahun lepas ianya bagus dari banyak aspek. Keduanya, sebab rasa macam akan dianjurkan dengan lebih bagus. Ketiganya, pengayuh tempatan sebaiknya meriahkan acara tempatan lah kan.
Maka, bila pendaftaran dibuka aku dengan cargasnya kumpulkan borang dan hantar untuk mendaftar. Hasilnya, kami berlima didaftarkan dari nombor 003 hingga 007. Nak dikobar'an somangek eh tu. Haa...
Tapinya, Gugusan Adela ni taklah berapa dekatnya pun dari Masai. Melainkan jambatan Lebuhraya Senai-Desaru yang sedang dalam pembinaan ni siap sepenuhnya (setakat ni basikal boleh lalu dah). Tahun depan dah boleh dah tu, insyaAllah. Oleh itu, aku, Yad dan Kadafi menumpang bermalam di rumah mertua rakan pejabat, Rizal, di Felda Air Tawar 3. Dekat sikit dengan Adela tu. Terima kasih ye.
Tidur malam agak terganggu, sebab terdengar hujan lebat berselang seli dengan renyai-renyai di luar. Hmmppphhh... terbayang trek yang basah berlumpur lecak. Pagi tu, lepas sarapan kitorang tuju ke Adela dalam hujan.
Sampai di tempat mula, parkir dah penuh, mujur terjumpa tempat yang agak baik dan ada kawasan teduh untuk pasang basikal masing-masing. Termangu jugak aku sekejap dalam kereta. Nak kayuh ke tidak? BOLEH kayuh ke tidak? Hujan makin lebat. Keputusan: kayuh. Dah tiba harinya, dah sampai pun tempatnya. Lagipun, bila lagi nak berjambori basikal dalam hujan, kan?
Alhamdulillah, tepat 8.30 pagi semasa kayuh mula, hujan dah reda. Kami pun kayuh beramai-ramai ke CP1.
Kayuhan terhenti di kilometer ke-4. Ada gaung punya la tinggi, dan bertiti. Dengan licinnya lagi. Pada aku, lebih senang kalau bersama-sama berkerjasama buat rantaian manusia untuk menyeberang. Ada jugaklah inisiatif untuk itu dan berkat kerjasama, kerja jadi mudah. Macam wonderpet.
Aku tak ingat dengan terperinci tentang kayuhan ni. Tapi ada beberapa yang aku boleh highlight kat sini (tidak mengikut apa-apa turutan):
1. Downhill lepas CP2 memang terbaek. Aku enjoy gila turun tu.
2. Aku dah tak larat nak kira berapa banyak titi nak kena lepas. Lebih banyak dari tahun lepas, dan semestinya kali ini bukan 100% laluan boleh dikayuh.
3. Laluan kali ini berbeza dari tahun lepas.
4. Sepanjang 44 km (ikut meter aku), berkayuh dalam hujan. Ada hujan renyai, lebat, tapi alhamdulillah ribut tak ada. Memang seronok sebenarnya kayuh dalam hujan ni - tak berapa penat sangat, dan bila kayuh kat kawasan terbuka tu tak panas :)
5. Aku tak berhenti berkayuh sebab nak kejarkan masa. Berhenti kat CP pun sekadar makan pisang sebijik, dan minum air.
6. Dah lumrah kayuh dalam hujan, pelapik brek (brake pad) pasti haus. Aku terpaksa berhenti agak lama untuk tukar pelapik brek depan (memang dibawa sepasang untuk gantian semasa kecemasan). Bila sampai kat rumah, diperiksa brek belakang, dah  habis kena makan dah - sampaikan besi pemegang pelapik tu pun dah separuh habis. Padanlah masa tengah kayuh, brek bunyi bising menjerit-jerit bila digunakan.
7. Aku tak dapat apa-apa hadiah cabutan bertuah.
8. Aku sempat habiskan semua CP, sampai ke tempat mula/akhir pukul 1.40 petang.
9. Alhamdulillah, tiada sebarang masalah mekanikal mahupun kebocoran tiub, melainkan brek tu aje lah.
10. Aku cuma isi lebih kurang 500ml aje kantung air dalam beg galas. Itupun ada lebihan lagi.
11. Agak hampa sebab laluan teknikal buatan di tangki air tak dimasukkan dalam kayuhan kali ini.
12. Meter aku catat cuma 44 km, tapi penganjur umumkan kayuhan 50 km. Takpelah, aku pun tak larat juga nak kayuh lebih-lebih.
13. Sepertiga kayuhan boleh dikatakan di dalam 'sungai'. Bagus juga, sebab basikal aku macam dibasuh bersih selepas selesai berkayuh walaupun aku tak ada sental sikit pun. Aku suka sangat pasal ni.
14. Banyak kali aku melayan krem. Iyelah, cuaca sejuk. Kayuh aje putaran tinggi buatkan ia reda. Alhamdulillah, takdelah teruk sampaikan tak boleh nak kayuh.
15. Aku tak demam, dan datang juga ke pejabat keesokan harinya. Alhamdulillah. Tapi sehari lepas tu, kaki, badan semua sakit-sakit.
16. Ada sekali aku terhumban ke depan dengan cantiknya bila aku turun bukit yang kecil. Tayar depan tersangkut dalam lumpur. Alhamdulillah, tak ada apa-apa kecederaan. Tapi tak syok la, ada sorang pengayuh di belakang nampak aku tergedebab. Musti dia tergamam tengok aksi akrobatik camtu.
17. Pelajaran dari Epic Bash 2010, aku bawak pelincir rantai. Selepas rantai bersih dari lumpur, aku lumurkan pelincir untuk elakkan drivetrain dari haus terkakis dan memastikan aku berkayuh sambil tersenyum.
Secara keseluruhannya, kayuhan kali ini agak istimewa. Tak pernah aku kayuh jauh-jauh (dan lama) dalam hujan dan 'sungai'. Lain kali aku bawak bekal pelapik brek banyak-banyak, boleh jual kat tengah-tengah laluan kalau kayuhan tu dalam hujan. Apa pun, penganjur aku nampak dah lakukan yang terbaik. Memang teratur. Tak pernah aku tersasar dari laluan, hasil dari penanda laluan yang besar dan jelas.
Cuma, ada banyak titi yang membuatkan pengayuh terpaksa berhenti berkayuh. Kalau tengah melayan krem, memang terpaksa kejang otot kat situ juga. Tapi nak buat macamana, dah laluannya macam tu, kan. Yang bagusnya, titi tu takde yang dah roboh bila aku lalu. Cukup kuat.
Tahun depan kalau GACC anjurkan lagi, insyaAllah aku jadi orang yang pertama mendaftar. Syabas pada penganjur, dan pengayuh yang datang mengayuh kat Adela tu.
Gambar yang sempat aku rakam: di sini.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

RTW - a week's off

With the CNY holidays this week, and myself still in bed past 7:00 am this morning (can't resist to snuggle in after Subuh), there's no RTW. Yesterday morning it was raining heavily thus I thought it was not safe to RTW due to poor visibility. Anyway, my body was aching from last Sunday's GA MTB Ride 2011. I had enough riding in the rain to last me for the year.
I'll be taking the day off tomorrow, and two more days of public holiday followed by the weekend. Weather permitting, I'm taking wifey and kids to Desaru insyaAllah in the afternoon. Before that, I'll see if I could get my hands dirty with the new frame. Currently I'm itching to get a go on it. Hmm...
Have a good week, y'all.
Be safe. Don't ride too much in the rain.