akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 30 October 2008

Rvlatn Wk - ride 1: around KL with GLC

23rd. October 2008

I reached Kelolo's around 9pm. It started to drizzle. Earlier during the day, the weather was fine.
Uh oh...
It continued drizzling. At 9.30pm Kelolo decided for us to just go ahead to the rendezvous point in Seri Gombak. Already there's a newbie rider, Fino, waiting for us. He cycled all the way from Ampang. If the rain got worse, our backup plan was to go for teh tarik session at a mamak joint. I thought at least Fino had his night ride already.
Apparently other GLC regulars were not there. Went for ECC's Sahara Ride, perhaps.

ready and eager to start the night ride at the RV point

killing time, Kelolo going down the stairs KLD style

We waited for quite some time for Fino's colleague Anis. After some time we decided to move on and wait for him on Karak Highway. He, too, cycled all the way - from Wangsa Maju. While waiting, we got acquianted and swapped stories among the three of us. It turned out that Fino is a regular reader of this blog ^-^
Huhu... first revelation. I get to ride with one of my readers. Strangers no more.

me with Fino. visit the blog pages often, bro!

me with BC Kelolo

I don't know what time Anis arrived, but we started riding straight away.
Kelolo informed that we'll be going to Bukit Tunku. I didn't mind, as long as we ride.

I can't point out the exact route, for I don't know really well the names of the roads that we rode along.
Anyway, we went along these (with the help of Google Maps):
On Karak H'way (part of DUKE now) - Jalan Kampung Bandar Dalam - Jalan Sentul - Sentul Pasar - pass by Convent Sentul (Primary School) - Jalan Perhentian - Jalan Ipoh - Bulatan Duta - Hentian Duta - Bukit Tunku - Tasik Perdana - Masjid Negara - Dataran Merdeka - Bank Negara - Jalan Tun Ismail - PWTC - Jalan Tun Razak - Jalan Pahang Barat - Jalan Pahang - hop on to DUKE cross current - hop off to Taman Koperasi Polis - Taman Melewar.
The four of us split at roundabout near Bank Negara Kelolo & I went off towards Taman Melewar.
Kelolo and I had supper nearby before heading to his house and ended the ride.

View Larger Map

The ride:
It was drizzling all the way, giving a nice cooling effect - much like sitting at Starbucks with the water mist fan blowing on your face.
The other name for this ride that I considered was 'the nostalgic ride'. It brought back memories of my childhood when we passed along the earlier section of the route - from Karak H'way up to Jalan Ipoh. I dare say that I have literally walked the path during my school days. Of course, Jalan Perhentian and Jalan Ipoh are my playground. I had a warm feeling looking at Jalan Strachan, the field at Jalan Latehan, and Sentul East. Ahh... memories.

recalling all the memories at Jalan Ipoh

The high point of the ride for me was climbing up Bukit Tunku - a surprise Kelolo had in store for us. Before that we stopped for a breather at Hentian Duta. Yup, I can now say the I've been there by bike.

Hentian Duta - been there, cycling

All four of us went up Bukit Tunku pedaling no matter how slow. Very soon after that, we were presented with the payback: a nice view of KL skyline, with a long steep descent to boot.

uphill Bukit Tunku

KL skyline with a long steep descent awaiting

The second revelation for me: I've never been to this side of KL before. Quite nice area.
Riding in Tasik Perdana at night was very nice. We had the whole park for ourselves. Kelolo had an important moment of his life right there in Tasik Perdana that night. Me, I had a good time.

taking a breather at Tasik Perdana. A few minutes past midnight

Tasik Perdana

Memorial Tun Abdul Razak at Tasik Perdana

riding through Tasik Perdana

Soon after we parted our ways at the roundabout near Bank Negara, we took Jalan Tun Ismail just beside Bank Negara building, headed towards PWTC. The road was dark, I wouldn't dare giong through it alone. It was cool with lush greenery (though I can't really see it in the dark). Another road that I've never been to. Another revelation.

I bet there are other roads that I've never knew existed in KL. That's why riding with GLC is interesting for me. As always, I'm looking for another opportunity.

For BC Kelolo, thanks a million for your bike and the hospitality as always, plus the night ride itself. Ahh, and especially for snapping the photos too.
For Fino and Anis, nice to ride with you guys. Offroad perhaps, some other time?

supper before retiring home

all photos courtesy of BC Kelolo

Revelation Week - prologue

My boss sent me an SMS message on Friday 17/10. I were to attend HAZOP meeting over 2 days in KL - 23 & 24/10 (Thu & Fri).
I replied with an 'ok' (what else, right?), while wearing a wide grin on my face

That means an opportunity for a night ride with GLC.
Also, initially I thought that I could join Putrajaya Critical Mass' October ride on Fri 24th. Turns out that there's another Friday in October, on the 31st. So no PCM for me yet. Perhaps there's a slot for an offroad ride on Saturday, I thought...

Saturday 25th is a working Saturday, and my department is having a Hari Raya celebration (I paid rm30 for it already and I have to take an annual leave). Only after a couple of days I realized that Deepavali falls on Monday 27th. Naza and Marsya will be on extended school holiday until Wed 29th.
[never mind dear readers, you don't have to scramble for a calendar]
My point is, I had a bit of planning to be done, meticulously.

Naza and kids wanted to go to KL and enjoy a stay in the hotel.
We could go to Senawang visiting Ayah & Ibu in Syawal.
We could go visit Akak in Segambut (and a routine visit to Ikea).
I could ride with GLC on Thursday, and possibly an offroad ride on Saturday.
Ayah told me about Kak Liza's kenduri cukur rambut for his son is on Sat at Mak Ngah's in Kg. Pandan. I could attend that as well.
Marsya wanted to see A Famosa in Melaka. We could go there on the way back to Johor.
Oh yes of course, the prime of it all - me attending meetings.

I requested to go to KL by car so that I could go to Senawang later on with the family. Albeit, I couldn't bring my bike along. I thickened my face and asked Kelolo if I could use his bike. Fortunately he agreed to loan me one of the steeds in his stable - even asked me which of the hardtails I wanted to use.
So Naza, Mak and kids have to go to KL by bus. It'll be Adam's first long distance bus ride.
Hmm... seems like things are lining up for me just fine. Alhamdulillah!

Why was it a Revelation Week?
Nope, I didn't use BC's T-Bolt with RS Revelation fork.
2 rides (night ride around KL and offroad in Rawang) with a lot of new knowledge gained.
A stay at the hotel's luxurious (so far) topmost floor.
Learnt something sinister about A Famosa.

I'll give my account only about the rides in here, though.
Stay tuned...

Monday 20 October 2008

Eat To Win (or merely to survive)

I found this article in MB Action.

For those participating in Survive The Sahara Jamboree Ride in a few day's time, this might prove as a good thing to do.
Don't bother about Payday candy bars or Gu as suggested. I don't think we have them here in Malaysia.
Remember to pack your bananas...

I won't be joining the ride, though :(
Y'all have a good one!

Read on:
Eat To Win

Thursday 16 October 2008

goin' bananas

Wondering what's the fuss about bananas, I googled 'banana as energy booster'.
In a nutshell (or banana skin):
Banana contains three natural sugars: sucrose, fructose and glucose. Combined with fiber, it gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy.
Well, apart from serving as an energy booster, there are other uses as well.
Ladies (or is it actually men) might be interested in it.

Read on to find out:

Tuesday 14 October 2008

nite ride syawal

Weekends in Syawal are full with open house invitations.
I had gone only once offroad on the 5th.
Last Sunday I couldn't join any group going offroad. Nevertheless, I had a 10km ride to Seri Alam on road.

Saw a few bikers along the way. 2 were having their breakfast nearby my house, before riding in Plentong and open house at Neo's. 2 were roadies on Pasir Gudang Highway cycling (without helmets) towards JB. Don't really know who there are (all cyclists that I know wear helmets), but I gave a friendly wave towards them, and we acknowledged each other. Another one on the way towards Pasir Gudang honked me. An mtb hitched at the back of his car, but I couldn't make up who he is. Later Panjang told me that it was Ibrahim of Luvata.

The coming weekends are reserved for fulfilling Hari Raya open house invitations, or visiting relatives and friends. I wouldn't want to go on weekday nights because of several factors.

So that leaves weekday nights for cycling activities. Perhaps weekly short night rides would fit the bill. InsyaAllah a few of us (Yad, Zudi and I) will ride on Wednesday nights for these coming weeks. Route will be like before - from Plentong to JB and back. Perhaps will also park and ride from Danga Bay, riding around JB. Or a ride around Pasir Gudang. Anybody interested to join us?

I received the infamous el cheapo night lights from Kelolo a few weeks ago. Time to put them to test. Now that Schwinn is equipped with Velo8, hopefully we'd get the ride stats.

advertisement: Kelolo mentioned that 2 sets of night lights are available with him right now - ready stock. Get in touch with him if you need them.

Thursday 9 October 2008

mtb beginner: mazhab berbasikal


khas untuk yang baru nak menceburi aktiviti mtb.
(aku pun masih belajar lagi...)
sebelum ambik keputusan untuk beli basikal, cuba baca artikel kat atas tu dulu.
sekurang-kurangnya, tau la jugak nak bezakan mazhab-mazhab berbasikal nih.

Ang, thanks for the link.

Tuesday 7 October 2008

more foxes

i've put up more ads in BBS:
long sleeve fox MX jerseys for sale, and short sleeve MTB jersey too.


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Monday 6 October 2008

getting foxy?

original fox polo shirts for sale.
limited stock.

material: soft cool cotton
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(grey shirt comes with front pocket)
price: rm75 including postage

refer to my ad in BBS, for blue (L) and grey (M) shirts.
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blue short sleeve polo tee

grey short sleeve with pocket polo tee

Hari Raya Ride - with makan-makan

Yesterday I went offroad riding in Plentong with friends from Cyclemotion, and Panjang.
It started with my teaser sms to Panjang on Saturday morning. I asked him whether there'll be a casual offroad ride on Sunday. From the outlook, I foresee that there'll be not much of a raya plan for this Sunday. No open house to go to, and Naza'll be staying home doing her school work. That's the origin of the sms.
Panjang replied:
"slmt hr raya. Esok? mau ka?"

"X tau sape ada la bro. aku pun baru ptg ni nk blk pg.. ape2 nnt aku halo.."
After Zuhr, I received this from him:
"Salam. esok ada mini ride + mkn kuih raya kat umah neo. 0730 hrs. jom..."
Being quite a long hiatus from riding offroad, I read that with a broad smile. And Naza knows what that means...

Neo's house in Plentong, very near to my house - I can just cycle to his place.
I woke up early on Sunday, and prepped the bike.
7.30am sharp I went out the gate and received a call from Panjang. I saw two cars with bikes already parked nearby the breakfast spot (very near to my house). Went there and had my breakfast with them while waiting for others.

8.30am most of the riders were there at the b'fast joint, and we went off to Neo's.
Around 9.00am we started heading to Plentong trail from there. All in all there were 13 of us. Nice small pack.

This is the second time I went to Plentong trail with Cyclemotion. It is actually riding from Plentong towards Seri Alam (where we passed by familiar paths). This time also Neo brought us to a few new routes along. Man, they're sweet. Flowing downhill sections with not so hilly terrain.

I enjoyed the ride, except that my physique can't quite keep up with it. About 10km riding on, we took a fiver. Just as we were ready to move on, I had cold sweat. Had another fiver (and longer break for the rest). After that, it was ok. Of course, there were times that I felt quite exhausted. But we moved on. The ride was very enjoyable.

We had a stop in the palm oil plantation. We cleared the palm fronds and 2 Commencal Meta 55's with a GT Chucker had a go downhill the terraces. Each suffered with a flat tire after that, and a very welcoming long stop for the rest.

The ride back to base was quite tiring for me, riding under the hot sun.
1.00pm and we reached Neo's - food awaiting.
I got an sms from Naza:
"What time balik? I dah masak mihun soto. Almost siap. BANYAK. Boleh ajak org beskal makan. U buy ice."
Well that's a very nice one. It surprised me, honestly. Usually it's "What time balik?". Period.

So there were 2 makan venue yesterday for the riders.
And there'll be a post riding open house at Neo's next Sunday too - something to look forward to.

For the guys (and girls) yesterday, thanks for the ride. Especially to Neo, thanks for the food - I love the sambal. And thanks for coming over to my place even after bloated from 100 Plus and yummy sorts of food at Neo's. Naza & I appreciate your presence.

photos by David here.