akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 14 October 2008

nite ride syawal

Weekends in Syawal are full with open house invitations.
I had gone only once offroad on the 5th.
Last Sunday I couldn't join any group going offroad. Nevertheless, I had a 10km ride to Seri Alam on road.

Saw a few bikers along the way. 2 were having their breakfast nearby my house, before riding in Plentong and open house at Neo's. 2 were roadies on Pasir Gudang Highway cycling (without helmets) towards JB. Don't really know who there are (all cyclists that I know wear helmets), but I gave a friendly wave towards them, and we acknowledged each other. Another one on the way towards Pasir Gudang honked me. An mtb hitched at the back of his car, but I couldn't make up who he is. Later Panjang told me that it was Ibrahim of Luvata.

The coming weekends are reserved for fulfilling Hari Raya open house invitations, or visiting relatives and friends. I wouldn't want to go on weekday nights because of several factors.

So that leaves weekday nights for cycling activities. Perhaps weekly short night rides would fit the bill. InsyaAllah a few of us (Yad, Zudi and I) will ride on Wednesday nights for these coming weeks. Route will be like before - from Plentong to JB and back. Perhaps will also park and ride from Danga Bay, riding around JB. Or a ride around Pasir Gudang. Anybody interested to join us?

I received the infamous el cheapo night lights from Kelolo a few weeks ago. Time to put them to test. Now that Schwinn is equipped with Velo8, hopefully we'd get the ride stats.

advertisement: Kelolo mentioned that 2 sets of night lights are available with him right now - ready stock. Get in touch with him if you need them.

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