akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Monday 6 October 2008

Hari Raya Ride - with makan-makan

Yesterday I went offroad riding in Plentong with friends from Cyclemotion, and Panjang.
It started with my teaser sms to Panjang on Saturday morning. I asked him whether there'll be a casual offroad ride on Sunday. From the outlook, I foresee that there'll be not much of a raya plan for this Sunday. No open house to go to, and Naza'll be staying home doing her school work. That's the origin of the sms.
Panjang replied:
"slmt hr raya. Esok? mau ka?"

"X tau sape ada la bro. aku pun baru ptg ni nk blk pg.. ape2 nnt aku halo.."
After Zuhr, I received this from him:
"Salam. esok ada mini ride + mkn kuih raya kat umah neo. 0730 hrs. jom..."
Being quite a long hiatus from riding offroad, I read that with a broad smile. And Naza knows what that means...

Neo's house in Plentong, very near to my house - I can just cycle to his place.
I woke up early on Sunday, and prepped the bike.
7.30am sharp I went out the gate and received a call from Panjang. I saw two cars with bikes already parked nearby the breakfast spot (very near to my house). Went there and had my breakfast with them while waiting for others.

8.30am most of the riders were there at the b'fast joint, and we went off to Neo's.
Around 9.00am we started heading to Plentong trail from there. All in all there were 13 of us. Nice small pack.

This is the second time I went to Plentong trail with Cyclemotion. It is actually riding from Plentong towards Seri Alam (where we passed by familiar paths). This time also Neo brought us to a few new routes along. Man, they're sweet. Flowing downhill sections with not so hilly terrain.

I enjoyed the ride, except that my physique can't quite keep up with it. About 10km riding on, we took a fiver. Just as we were ready to move on, I had cold sweat. Had another fiver (and longer break for the rest). After that, it was ok. Of course, there were times that I felt quite exhausted. But we moved on. The ride was very enjoyable.

We had a stop in the palm oil plantation. We cleared the palm fronds and 2 Commencal Meta 55's with a GT Chucker had a go downhill the terraces. Each suffered with a flat tire after that, and a very welcoming long stop for the rest.

The ride back to base was quite tiring for me, riding under the hot sun.
1.00pm and we reached Neo's - food awaiting.
I got an sms from Naza:
"What time balik? I dah masak mihun soto. Almost siap. BANYAK. Boleh ajak org beskal makan. U buy ice."
Well that's a very nice one. It surprised me, honestly. Usually it's "What time balik?". Period.

So there were 2 makan venue yesterday for the riders.
And there'll be a post riding open house at Neo's next Sunday too - something to look forward to.

For the guys (and girls) yesterday, thanks for the ride. Especially to Neo, thanks for the food - I love the sambal. And thanks for coming over to my place even after bloated from 100 Plus and yummy sorts of food at Neo's. Naza & I appreciate your presence.

photos by David here.

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