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Thursday 10 October 2013

Saddles: Tioga Spyder - be cautioned

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I love the idea and technology put forth by Tioga in their Spyder saddles. They are weird (almost always a talking point) and weigh no more than 150g (for road variants). Perfect for weight-weenies.
In their offering, there are three variants:
Spyder Twin Tail (recommended for Road, 135g),
Spyder (recommended for road, 140g), and
D Spyder (recommended for offroad, 175g).
It is not uncommon for mountain bikers (XC especially) using the ones recommended for road bikes. No problem, I guess. However, they are not guaranteed to last long. In fact, Tioga also mentioned a recommended rider weight limit on those. So, know what you're sitting on.
If you own any of these, then read on:
1. Spyder
2. Spyder Twin Tail
Important information taken from Tioga's FAQ page.
1. How Durable Is The Spyder Saddle?
--> While the SPYDER and SPYDER TWIN-TAIL saddles surpassed standards set under well established and respected methods for testing bicycle saddles, lab testing is only able to simulate very specific riding action and thus impossible to take into account real world riding environment which have vast varieties of terrain conditions, rider ability/skill, rider anatomy, etc. Tioga therefore advise riders to replace the SPYDER and SPYDER TWIN-TAIL saddles after one full year for safe and effective operation.
2. Shouldn't A Quality Saddle Last More Than One Year?
--> While a saddle may appear to last a long time, its effective performance lifespan is usually shorter than it seems.
A performance saddle has shock absorbing parts such as padding and plastic shell, but similar to the sole of a pair of high performance running shoes, these shock absorbing members deteriorate quickly with fatigue. To insure most effective energy absorption and optimal performance, it is generally advisable to replace any high performance saddle often, regardless of its appearance.
In the particular case of the SPYDER and SPYDER TWIN-TAIL saddles, the articulating shell is not only designed to absorb energy, but also to support the rider's weight. To avoid any inadvertent failure of the saddle due to fatigue, Tioga especially urge users to replace it with another SPYDER saddle once a year.
3. Is There A Weight Limit?
--> The SPYDER and SPYDER TWIN-TAIL saddles have been tested to adequately absorb shock for riders up to 190lbs. There is no weight limit for the D-Spyder saddle.
Note: 190lbs = 86.2kg
Anyway, I'll take the above as a guide. I believe real world usage may seem to differ.
Do you own one?
What's your experience?
photo taken from here.

Thursday 3 October 2013

Running Complements Cycling

I find this true. Such a revelation.

Perhaps because when I'm running, my heart rate is higher compared to when I'm cycling.

As my heart is conditioned to the much higher threshold, cycling seems a little bit easier. My heart rate during cycling (offroad) is about 30-35 beats per minute lower than during running. Only during a steep climb it would match my running heart rate.

So every now and then it is good to have running as part of my exercise. Get my heart some extra loving. It is much easier (and cheaper) to do, equipment wise.

May I suggest that you take it up too?

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