akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 30 June 2011

do you know your fellow riders?

When I started mtb'ing a few years ago, riders were not as many and events were scarce. Whenever I see a car with roof rack (even without a bike) or a person wearing mtb apparels beyond trails, I'm getting excited. Those are my brothers. I bet the feeling is mutual. As events are few and far between, I would consider to attend those in KL as the scene is much more hotter there. Well, to be fair, up north were also a hot spot, but that's too far for me to go.
Nowadays, there are many local groups and local events are sometimes back-to-back every weekend in a particular month if not overlapped. I'm sure this phenomenon is not restricted only down south in my area, but the whole country as well.
While I wonder what could be the tipping point, the other more important question is, do we know each other?

Friday 17 June 2011

RTW 17.06.2011 - Bright Skies

I heard on the radio some time before, that looking at Allah's creations is much more pleasing and gratifying compared to manmade marvels. I find this to be true. While I enjoy it when my eyes caresses the fine contours of a Ferrari, watching a cat lazily lying on his ribs licking fur brings much more satisfaction. While I would always be awestruck with the fine lines and glimmer of KLCC or Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, looking at a forest of trees whether they are green or golden are much more pleasing and puts my mind at ease. The same goes to the bright sky. Well, I can't find any manmade to compare that with.
This morning's ride was a leisurely ride. I enjoyed the sky, the greens at a golf club (okay, that's with man's intervention) a little stream and a forest of trees at the side of the Pasir Gudang highway on my RTW.
Here are a few photos.
Oh, and today marks another weeklong this year. It's the 6th so far, and it starts to feel like a weeklong is not so special anymore. You see, I'm reporting it as a secondary item in this entry. Looking forward for the first monthlong.
Have a good weekend, y'all.
Looking forward for more greens this Sunday's offroad.
Note: you and I are also Allah's creations. Looking at humans are also, well, pleasing - wife/husband and kids, and your parents too, whenever possible.

Thursday 16 June 2011

CTW 14.06.2011 - Flora Heights

CTW? C as in cyclocross. Well, only a short part of it. I had to cross pretty muddy sections along the way. A very much yearned departure from the norm.
That's not the main news here, though. This morning's ride topped the longest route I made a couple of months back. This time, it's 17.57 km, over 51 minutes of riding door-to-door. That's about the same time I did for the previous personal record of 14.56 km. I was ready to go out of the gate very early this morning, thus I decided to try a new route.
This time, it was through the much dreaded Flora Heights with the triple tarmac hills. Not only that, there's a muddy red earth section too. I was careful to note that it wasn't raining the day before. Anyway, the section was muddy this morning although not as bad as it could be. Got my tires' sidewalls matched with the orange frame, as a result.
I heard about the morning bumper-to-bumper at the Nusa Damai/Taman Scientex traffic light towards Masai before this, but this morning I had the opportunity to witness it. According to Rizal, though, it was not as bad as it usually would. Still, it's a thing I definitely would not subscribe to.
After Taman Scientex, I steered left towards Taman Cendana and rolled down the gentle slope towards Masjid Jamek Pasir Gudang and subsequently to Taman Mawar. Thereafter, I went sprinting the straight quarter mile-ish towards Balai Bomba Pasir Gudang and the normal route to the office. I think I registered the max speed while going downhill at Taman Mawar - the traffic light was green all the way as I went through it.
The feeling? Undescribable.
Will there be a next time? Well, perhaps.
Stats this morning:
Out from home


Arrive office




Ride time

46' 46"



Ave. speed


Max speed




Good doggies



Flora Heights

 Yukon, slicks
Photos are here, on Picasa.
Route map is here, on EveryTrail.
Ride safe, y'all.
Thanks for coming over.

Thursday 9 June 2011

angan angan series rides

Okay, here's a thought. A weekend ride through a series of trails in Putrajaya and KL. I managed to come out with this upon holidaying last week. You see, I tend to churn out fantastic ideas while being away from the bike for a very long time.
It would be in line with my ride wishlist (see top right panel of this blog), and Helmy's plan. Joe's comment/invitation on my fb photo that I uploaded last week also is one of the factors that spurred me to feed upon the fantasy.
So, how about going for rides over 2 (preferably) or 3 days on these short trails:
  Kemensah (not sure if it is short)
  KDCF (Temuan, Scouts)
  Tasik Perdana
  FRIM (listed only as secondary option)
  PCM (time sensitive, would be considered if everyone is available for the whole plan)
Of course, certain individuals' availability is important in order for this to happen.
Dino, BC Kelolo & Joe: you're needed as guides.
No itinerary yet, but that can be worked out later :D
Helmy, you're on?
I told wifey about this, and she replied: "Umar?"

Thursday 2 June 2011

Upcoming Event: PCC Presidential 2011 - 24.07.2011

It's back again this year. Seems that the trend is bi-annual, this much eagerly awaited event for true mountain bikers in Malaysia (and neighbouring countries as well).
I rode the 2009 event, and it was a blast (eventhough only up to CP2). I think it was the year when mtb events passed the 1000 participants mark for the first time. Nowadays, it's a norm to have 1300 and above for any big event. Heck, I'm sure this year's Prez would be getting 2000 easily. That, to say, PCC would be having a great deal of high expectations for organizing the Prez this year. Which, I strongly feel that they would persevere and deliver.
No details except for the date, for now. They're keeping it as a secret.
Anybody could enlighten me, what (or where) Ol' Smokey is?
Am I going? I'm getting hyped up day-by-day. Perhaps, insyaAllah.
See you there?
For updates, visit their website and join the facebook page.

Wednesday 1 June 2011

RTW 01.06.2011 - Coastal Highway

It has been a few days since my last RTW. Feels strange, actually.
It's been quite a while since I last wrote about my RTW adventures. Well, here's a news: I've completed my 5th weeklong mid May. I was thinking of doing the monthlong as it was a good start, but eventually I had to abort due to circumstances. The result: I didn't RTW for 7 days out of 22 working days in May. That's a positive way to look at it.
This morning I decided to take a tough route, via Flora Heights. It would be 3 tarmac hill climbs, a short red muddy offroad section and could be the longest route yet.
Well, planned and actual are not the same. I was late while prepping the bike, so I went with the Coastal Highway instead.
The bridge construction at Sierra Perdana is still ongoing, so I had to divert into Taman Rinting from the Sierra Perdana exit, and cross the river via the small bridge leading to the jetty at Kampung Pasir Gudang Baru. From there, it's the normal L-Route.
Distance: 11.89 km
Door to door: 37 minutes
Ride time: 33' 48"
Average speed: 21.2 km/h
Max. speed: 39.8 km/h
Good doggies: 1
*data taken from Sports Tracker (didn't bring along my Mity8)
Have a good ride.
Be safe, always.