akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 30 June 2011

do you know your fellow riders?

When I started mtb'ing a few years ago, riders were not as many and events were scarce. Whenever I see a car with roof rack (even without a bike) or a person wearing mtb apparels beyond trails, I'm getting excited. Those are my brothers. I bet the feeling is mutual. As events are few and far between, I would consider to attend those in KL as the scene is much more hotter there. Well, to be fair, up north were also a hot spot, but that's too far for me to go.
Nowadays, there are many local groups and local events are sometimes back-to-back every weekend in a particular month if not overlapped. I'm sure this phenomenon is not restricted only down south in my area, but the whole country as well.
While I wonder what could be the tipping point, the other more important question is, do we know each other?

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MSB said...

do we really need to know each other?that the q to ask? In any mtb event rider will chat or talk to each other whether they knew that person or not...still helping whoever having a problem on route...that the beauty of riding MTB...