akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 24 November 2009

RTW - 24.11.2009 cuti sekolah

It's the year end school holidays! I don't have to bring the car to work to fetch Marsya from school. Or send Umar to the babysitter's house. Weather permitting (like this morning), I would RTW.
Yes, I did it this morning, and I started early (read: before 7:00 am). Been quite some time, so for today's ride I intended to ride in relaxed mode - hence it is imperative that I start as early as I could. The earlier plan of going out at 6:30 am scrapped, as I was still holding Umar in my arms consoling him to go back to sleep after his breastfeed. Naza had been half-asleep since 4:00 am, so I have to jump in and take my turn. In vain, actually, so again Naza had to step in.
No stats again, this morning. I left my Velo8 at the office (duhh!). Anyway, the ride time is 45 minutes. 3 good doggies, and managed to chase 1 dog while passing through Kg. Baru Masai. Hehe...
Well, the dog was about to 'play around' with a poor jogger just when I was about to roll down the hill. Acted as a saviour (konon), I rang my handlebar bell and chased the dog away. And, greeted by 3 dogs up the hill. Luckily those are good doggies were oblivious to what had happened some 50 meters away before that :) Pheww... if they were part of a gang, I would surely be out of breath spinning away like crazy into Masai.
Overall, my RTW comeback was a good one. Not too tiring, and I felt so good, especially after my shower. That dog chasing was an awesome bonus. Tomorrow, insyaAllah, another RTW for the week.
In the spirit of RTW, I'm putting once again the link for Bike To Work 50-page sampler:
Can't wait to go back at 5 today, cycling towards home, and Umar (oh well, Naza, Marsya and Adam too).

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Plentong Epic Ride 2009

I registered for the ride, and I also volunteered as officials. On the day, I found myself manning Checkpoint 3 with Shamsudin Fadzillah .
Yad came to my house in Seri Alam and we went together to Plentong to get ready. My bike was left in Plentong since the previous week's ride, together with other things - helmet, shoes and bag. Went out for nasi lemak and wam Milo with Yad and Zul at Abang Syam's breakfast shack. Zul? Oh, he's a noob from my office, making PER 2009 as his first offroad ride.
About 8:00 am, I was ready to go - back to Seri Alam. Checkpoint 3 is nearby my house in SA, so I need to get there, riding the bike on road from Plentong. I'll be riding to CP with Atuk from my house in SA. It was quite exhausting, actually, on road to SA. I wonder how I did about a year ago on my first RTW from Plentong to Pasir Gudang. At about 8:40 am he arrived in his Wira with Coilair Deluxe perched atop the roof. Getting the bike from the rear passenger seats out and placing the wheels is a thing of the past for him now.
Once ready, we went out towards CP3 on road. There was an uphill before we came to the trailhead offroad. That too, is exhausting. The fun started very soon, and we hit the see-saw ride a few minutes later. Not one to be missed, I guess that technical downhill singletrack is the highlight of the ride from CP2 to CP3 in PER. However, there's a catch - you're greeted with an uphill ride to CP3 as soon as you're out of that section. Befittingly, as a gesture of victory, CP3 is located just after the uphill ride. Almost all riders who came around CP3 were panting out of breath, begging for their souls, and water.
So that's where Atuk and I were, donating blood to evil mosquitoes for more than 6 hours. We were there from around 9:20 am. I went out at about 3.25 pm, though, to catch up with Zuhur prayers. And something to fill my stomach, too.
The first rider to reach CP3 is Ali Tamago, at 9:52 am. We were not surprised to see him that early, for he's a fast rider. However, what we were surprised to see is that his ride passport bears only one sticker from CP1. Perhaps he luckily got lost and skipped CP2. 10:40 and a bunch of local riders came around, including Tulang. Peak time at CP3 was at about 12:00 to 1:00 pm.
I enjoyed manning the station. One: I could drool at the riders' bikes. Two: i'ts not tiring, although it was washed away by greeting the riders coming up to the CP. I hope that we lifted their spirits up for them to move on for the next 7km or so back home to the starting point. Three: I met lots of people from Johor, S'pore, KL, New York (yeah, the first time I met a New Yorker, and there were at least two of them), Australia. Okay, the ang mohs are from S'pore, not directly from faraway lands coming over especially for the event. Oh, and to my surprise I met Benjamin Soon, a guy I know from my previous job, just two months on a mountain bike. Quite an achievement, really, to have reached CP3.
I went out alone, back to Plentong at about half past 3. There's a surprise in store, actually. The route back from CP3 was initially a gentle uphill (still enough to make you mentally busted after all the distance). The payback is awesome. Downhill singletrack amidst green grass, open area beside the Plentong apartment area. As usual, you can always expect something fresh from Cyclemotion. Kudos for that, bros!
If you participated in the event, Cyclemotion is asking for your feedback. Leave your votes for their poll, and your feedbacks too.

Thursday 5 November 2009

K2 Proflex - resurrection?

S2H cycle in Muar is selling the A2Z DM-UNI disc brake mount adapter (although RM143 is quite steep a price for metal plates and some bolts+nuts). I spotted the item in their website by chance. Well, perhaps it was subliminal, for I have been looking for it at local bike shops but without any success.

Also, recently Jason in Permas Jaya said that he could strip old paints from bike frame for RM30. RM70 if with spray paint.

I have a spare pair of Mavic 719 wheelset complete with 9 speed cassette, BB7 with levers and rotors, LX crankset (with one damaged tooth on midring), chain, stem, handlebar, grips, pedals and seatpost. If I were to make this my new project, I'll have to get the rest: headset, new midring 32T, shifters and derailleurs - fd and rd, and fork. I wonder if the Fox Float R from t-bolt can be used for this frame.

To date, I have no idea what's the purpose of the build, other than to revive a classic full-susser.

Damage to the pocket is estimated to be about RM1k (yikes!) - that's with SLX shifters and derailleurs and 2nd hand Suntour XCR fork. If there are any buyer, I'm eager to start. Bidding starts now, reserve price is RM2k.

Any takers? Anda ada berani?

Tuesday 3 November 2009

01.11.09 - plentong offroad: epic ride preview

I had to choose either one for the weekend's ride: Kota Tinggi with Shahrul and his gang, or Plentong with Panjang, Cyclemotion and co.

Kota Tinggi is in my wishlist, and the last time I rode with Shahrul was at PCC Prez Ride (although it was more like he's always kilometers ahead of me). Plus, I'd like to see, hear, touch (and perhaps a test ride) his buddy's rig with new pair of RM3.5k CB Cobalt wheelsets.

I seldom ride in Plentong, although it's in my (mom-in-law's house) backyard. Plus, the guys are going to mark the trail for the upcoming Plentong Epic Ride. It will be a long 55km ride for sure, with foreseeable many stops for the marking. I was hoping for a chicken loop trial run that I could follow, actually, although I prepared mentally (and ample volume of liquid) for 55km plus more.

Eventually, I chose Plentong. Simply for getting the sneak preview of the Epic, and also add my kilometers of riding the Plentong.

I'm not going to reveal much about the trail, except for that:
1. lots of sweet flowing single track (many kms I've never ridden before)
2. the fun badminton court downhill
3. the lake

I did 45km or so, bailing out the final section of scaling Bukit Panjang (or Bukit Dagu). With EG, I followed Neo back to Plentong parking lot via a fast rolling shortcut with an enjoyable, nice downhill section.

Read Reza's account of the weekend's ride here:

I didn't say anything about the new pair of Avid Elixir R hydros, did I?