akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

01.11.09 - plentong offroad: epic ride preview

I had to choose either one for the weekend's ride: Kota Tinggi with Shahrul and his gang, or Plentong with Panjang, Cyclemotion and co.

Kota Tinggi is in my wishlist, and the last time I rode with Shahrul was at PCC Prez Ride (although it was more like he's always kilometers ahead of me). Plus, I'd like to see, hear, touch (and perhaps a test ride) his buddy's rig with new pair of RM3.5k CB Cobalt wheelsets.

I seldom ride in Plentong, although it's in my (mom-in-law's house) backyard. Plus, the guys are going to mark the trail for the upcoming Plentong Epic Ride. It will be a long 55km ride for sure, with foreseeable many stops for the marking. I was hoping for a chicken loop trial run that I could follow, actually, although I prepared mentally (and ample volume of liquid) for 55km plus more.

Eventually, I chose Plentong. Simply for getting the sneak preview of the Epic, and also add my kilometers of riding the Plentong.

I'm not going to reveal much about the trail, except for that:
1. lots of sweet flowing single track (many kms I've never ridden before)
2. the fun badminton court downhill
3. the lake

I did 45km or so, bailing out the final section of scaling Bukit Panjang (or Bukit Dagu). With EG, I followed Neo back to Plentong parking lot via a fast rolling shortcut with an enjoyable, nice downhill section.

Read Reza's account of the weekend's ride here:

I didn't say anything about the new pair of Avid Elixir R hydros, did I?

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