akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 30 October 2008

Revelation Week - prologue

My boss sent me an SMS message on Friday 17/10. I were to attend HAZOP meeting over 2 days in KL - 23 & 24/10 (Thu & Fri).
I replied with an 'ok' (what else, right?), while wearing a wide grin on my face

That means an opportunity for a night ride with GLC.
Also, initially I thought that I could join Putrajaya Critical Mass' October ride on Fri 24th. Turns out that there's another Friday in October, on the 31st. So no PCM for me yet. Perhaps there's a slot for an offroad ride on Saturday, I thought...

Saturday 25th is a working Saturday, and my department is having a Hari Raya celebration (I paid rm30 for it already and I have to take an annual leave). Only after a couple of days I realized that Deepavali falls on Monday 27th. Naza and Marsya will be on extended school holiday until Wed 29th.
[never mind dear readers, you don't have to scramble for a calendar]
My point is, I had a bit of planning to be done, meticulously.

Naza and kids wanted to go to KL and enjoy a stay in the hotel.
We could go to Senawang visiting Ayah & Ibu in Syawal.
We could go visit Akak in Segambut (and a routine visit to Ikea).
I could ride with GLC on Thursday, and possibly an offroad ride on Saturday.
Ayah told me about Kak Liza's kenduri cukur rambut for his son is on Sat at Mak Ngah's in Kg. Pandan. I could attend that as well.
Marsya wanted to see A Famosa in Melaka. We could go there on the way back to Johor.
Oh yes of course, the prime of it all - me attending meetings.

I requested to go to KL by car so that I could go to Senawang later on with the family. Albeit, I couldn't bring my bike along. I thickened my face and asked Kelolo if I could use his bike. Fortunately he agreed to loan me one of the steeds in his stable - even asked me which of the hardtails I wanted to use.
So Naza, Mak and kids have to go to KL by bus. It'll be Adam's first long distance bus ride.
Hmm... seems like things are lining up for me just fine. Alhamdulillah!

Why was it a Revelation Week?
Nope, I didn't use BC's T-Bolt with RS Revelation fork.
2 rides (night ride around KL and offroad in Rawang) with a lot of new knowledge gained.
A stay at the hotel's luxurious (so far) topmost floor.
Learnt something sinister about A Famosa.

I'll give my account only about the rides in here, though.
Stay tuned...

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