akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 15 June 2010

KLMBH Epic Bash 2010

When: Sunday 27th June 2010
Time: Starting from 0700 hours (signing in)
Where: Ulu Rening - Ulu Tamu - Ampang Pecah - Batang Kali
Shahrul texted me yesterday, asking if I'd like to register for the ride together with him and others. I didn't immediately jump to a 'yes'. However, I asked him to carry on and include my name as well.
And just now when I checked the 2010 Epic's registration list, my name's up there, number 120 - together with Shahrul, Kadafi, EG and Am. I see Kelolo's name, too. Dino told me that he'll be helping out for the bash, so he won't be riding.
This year's epic bash is different from last year's - at least for me. I admit that I don't have the same enthusiasm as before. I don't know why. Lack of training, perhaps.
The organisers are making it different from last year's by way of having Nutrition Stations (sponsored by Hammer Nutrition) with bananas too. Also, there'll be lucky draw with prizes from Specialized and Maxxis (tires) and GoPro Helmet Hero camera from FunSportz. Oh, and the reg fee for guests is also hiked up a bit to RM20 (early regs). Not a bad thing, though.
Anyway, the venue is the same as last year's. I like the place very much. This time around, it'll be a focused ride for me, and I'm making it a point to complete the course. 50 km is not a short one especially with pretty sizable ascent thrown in. At least it would condition my body for the next one - 50 km in Batu Pahat.
Okay, gonna reinstall those knobbies back. Enough of slicks time.

Info and poster taken from KLMBH forum page

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