akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

RTW 01.06.2010 - crumpled shirt

I have all the riding gears ready the night before (well, it was actually 1:00 am, technically the same day).

Headed out with a clean bike (from Saturday morning wash), nicely lubed chains, and backpack full to the brim I was a bit worried the zippers would give out exposing the contents. An afterthought: well, that would make a good excuse for a nice new bag...

I went home yesterday wearing the work shoes, forgot to leave them at the office. So I had to bring them in my backpack, together with my nicely ironed shirt (and rolled to minimise crease - a tip from Azizan CF). I had to stuff in the breakfast packed in a square Tupperware too.

As a result, my shirt got crumpled when I took it out from the bag before heading to the shower at the office. I didn't really mind, actually. They're not noticeable, unless if there's some nosy fashion police around. Note to self: never bring cotton shirts in the bag, only 'easy iron' ones.

Yes, I have the Ibera PakRak. I did not use it purposely (at least not this week) because I'm training for the upcoming ride in FRIM this weekend (insyaAllah). So that's why I'm riding full knobbies with backpack. As I cranked the first few meters, I realised that the rear tire is a bit low on pressure. Nevermind then, perfect for a maximum torture this morning.

Oh man, I almost forgot that I have to bring back home with me a pair of sandals.

Stats today:
Out from home
Arrive office
Ride time
Distance12.48 km
Ave. speed21.5 km/h
Max speed41.0 km/h
Odometer4207.5 km
Modefull bag,  knobbies

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setan kurus said...

lama gila tak ride sama2 bro?....bila la agaknya ekk?

Anonymous said...

Something came up in my mind - maybe cud use a discarded tennis ball container tube to slide on the roll-up office shirt and stash it in d backpack. A great tak-ronyok remedy.

Prolly try to get an alloy or carbon (!) one, lighter.

akmalhizam said...

Kau datang aje belah-belah sini, then kita ride sama lah insyaAllah. Tapi kena confirm dgn aku awal lah, sebab offroad dah jarang dah.

Thanks for the tip. Yes, that might work. and I could stuff my undies in the container too. Perhaps a little bit smaller container would be better, as long as it could fit into my bladder bag.